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Fife and Drum Band of St. Peter's College & Rev. Fr. Arthur Fernando - Rector (1956 - 1963)


Fife and Drum Band of St. Peter’s College & Rev. Fr. Arthur Fernando – Rector (1956 – 1963)

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Fife and Drum Band of St. Peter’s College & Rev. Fr. Arthur Fernando – Rector, SPC (1956 – 1963)

Rev. Fr. Arthur Fernando

Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948, and by this time the education system was firmly in place thanks to British-Ceylon influence during the period 1815 – 1948. The first school established by the British in Sri Lanka was 'The Galle School', now known as Richmond College, in Galle.


Archived history tells us that St. Joseph's College, Colombo was established in 1896 and will be celebrating its 125th or Quasquicentennial Anniversary in 2021.

St. Peter's College, Colombo was established in 1922 and will be celebrating its centenary year in 2022. From 1922-1926, the founder Rev. Fr. Maurice Le Goc overlooked the administrative and operational functions of St. Joseph's College (South), later renamed as St. Peter's College.

Technically, the first Rector of St. Peter's College was Rev. Fr. Nicholas Perera who provided stewardship from 1927 – 1942. During this period, Fr. Nicholas initiated a few important matters in sports and also spearheaded the formation of the St. Peter's College Old Boys' Union in 1927. Norman Paternott was named the first cricket captain of St. Peter's College in 1927, and the rich legacy he left behind has been carried by his three sons Aubrey, Rodney and Hamish who excelled in both cricket and rugby.

A lot of cricket was not played between schools at this time. Historical records claim that only friendly games were played until the "Battle of the Saints" or the Josephian-Peterite series was launched in 1933. George Jayaweera was named to captain his alma mater in the inaugural "Battle of the Saints" series. A great honour that remains etched in the annals of history with this memorable series. Once again, George Jayaweera's legacy was honourably carried later by his three sons Tissa, Shanthi and Ruwan (Captain – 1974), who played cricket for college.

Rev. Fr. Basil Wiratunga took over as Rector, SPC from 1943 – 1955. By this time St. Peter's College had built formidable cricket and rugby teams. The highest individual score of 204 not out by Clive Inman in 1954 in the "Big Match" still stands as a record unbroken for 66 long years.

 Then came the dynamic years of Rev. Fr. Arthur Fernando who served as Rector from 1956 – 1963. He was the 3rd Rector of St. Peter's College, and will be remembered for the encouragement and support he gave to the development of Aesthetic Studies. Fr. Arthur is credited for starting the island's first schools' Fife and Drum Band on June 30th 1956. The band led by debonair Dodwell de Silva was the cynosure of all eyes and the "Peterite Brand" was further enhanced by this new initiative. Our boys looked very smart attired in white and we were all proud of the "Fife & Drum Band".

A Cultural Centre to promote Music, Drama, Dancing and Art was started in November 1956 with the help of Rev. Fr. Mervyn Weerakkody and Rev. Fr. Marcelline Jayakody. Kandyan Dancing, Oriental Singing and the formation of Western and Oriental Orchestras came about. St. Peter's College also staged "Trial by Jury" under the direction of Douglas Ferdinands during Fr. Arthur's tenure as rector. Sandy Reimers and Nihal Fonseka played major roles in this super production.

The fantastic Carnival of Carnivals held at St. Peter’s College in 1961, the ‘Fun-O-Rama’ was Fr. Arthur's brainchild. The carnival offered numerous features that in post-independence era, a first in the island. These features included Close Circuit TV, Fountains with coloured underwater lights, a model train exhibition, variety entertainment in the College Hall (which was seen outside through CCTV), etc.

International entertainers Tony Brent and "Blue Diamonds" performed at St. Peter's College Hall during Fr. Arthur's tenure of service as Rector.

It was Fr. Arthur who first had to manage the direct impact of the Schools take over from December 1st 1960 when St. Peter’s decided to remain as a Private Non Fee Levying institution. The Welfare Society came into being under his astute leadership. A superb organizer and administrator, he installed a modern Canteen to supplement the much needed finances. He also set up the College Boarding.

Fr. Arthur was a visionary and took the school to the next level in many spheres. His seven years as Rector seemed like a memory but there was so much activity that was all credited to his able leadership.

May he rest in peace!

Editor's Note:

Yours truly started his high school studies at St. Peter's College in 1956 in the Prelim A, the same year Fr. Arthur Fernando became Rector .I was booked to enter my father's alma mater St. Joseph's College but plans changed as my father and Fr. Arthur were schoolmates/good friends and the former asked that I enrol at SPC where he was going as Rector. I remain blessed. Rest is history!

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Peterite Sports Complex to be declared open on Friday, February 1


Peterite Sports Complex to be declared open on Friday, February 1

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Dream come true! This was Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin's pet project. It took less than two years for the project to be completed from 2017 – 2019. The new Sports Complex will be declared open on Friday, February 1, 2019, by the newly appointed Minister of Sports Harin Fernando. Minister Fernando is an old boy of St. Joseph's College. Congratulations to Fr. Trevor for stick handling the project from concept stage to execution.

The Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada – JPAA Canada made a significant contribution in 2017 towards the Sports Complex project. 


By: Dhammika Ratnaweera – Courtesy: Sunday Observer.




An artist’s impression – Peterite Sports Complex 

St. Peter’s College will turn a new leaf in the rich annals of its sporting tradition when they declare open their new Pavilion at Bambalapitiya on February 1 with the blessings of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith the Archbishop of Colombo who will grace the occasion as chief guest.

Fr Trevor Martin, the Rector of St Peter’s College has been the main architect behind several developments at the school and the pavilion will be named in memory of former rector Fr Joe Wickramasinghe who served the Peterites with distinction from 1978 to 1994. “Fr Joe Wickremasinghe saw the necessity for students to reach greater heights in studies, sports and discipline. The Peterites led the way in cricket, rugby, tennis, basketball, hockey, football and athletics and Fr. Joe played a big part in this,” said Fr Martin. Besides being the rector of one of the leading Catholic schools in the country, Fr. Joe also initially laid the base for everything through spiritual values with prayer being a central part of the students.

“This pavilion is one of the best tributes we can pay Fr. Joe Wickremasinghe,” declared Fr. Martin.

The construction of the pavilion took a lesser amount of time to build than planned and was completed within a period of eight months through the efforts of old boys, parents and well-wishers at a cost of Rs. 185 million. Some of the funds poured in from Europe, the USA, Canada and the Middle East courtesy of fundraising of the school.through

The new building will not only cater to the present boys, but will also provide accommodation and welfare to visiting sports teams from outstation schools.

It will also be complete with sleeping quarters, washrooms, gymnasium, conference room, manager’s room, office room, indoor nets, spectator accommodation and VIP boxes.

“What we had in mind was the comfort of every sportsman and spectator who visits St. Peter’s College for sports events, especially when it comes to cricket and rugby,” said Fr. Martin.

A 400-meter track for athletes is also a feature connected to the commissioning of the new pavilion. St. Peter’s College also has basketball and tennis courts. The school will open its sporting doors for any other school that is in need of a ground and facilities, according to Fr. Martin.

“We want other schools also to benefit from this whole concept. It is a very worthy cause and investment,” he said.

One of the spectator stands will be named in memory of rugby legend and Sri Lanka player Archibald Pereira.

“There is no one who does not know Archibald Pereira and he was a household name and his services have to be appreciated,” said Fr. Martin.

Sports Minister Harin Fernando, a product of St. Joseph’s College will grace the occasion as the Guest of Honour– along with distinguished old boys and heads of other schools as well as Sri Lanka rugby officials. According to Fr. Martin the school has plans to internationalize the venue.

End of News Item that appeared in the Sunday Observer of Jan. 27, 2019.


Editor's Note: A significant contribution was made in August 2017 by the Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada – (JPAA Canada) towards the proposed Sports Complex/Rugby Pavilion. It is good to read in the Sunday Observer that the sports complex is scheduled to be declared open on February 1, 2019. All Josephians and who were associated with JPAA Canada (1984-2017) should be proud that we made a generous donation from Canada to Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin for this project.

We hope Fr. Trevor will  the arrangement we had with him to have a plaque installed with the words "JPAA CANADA 1984-2017". Thank you.

Relevant News Release is displayed below.






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St Peter's night beyond imagination, trapezes to the next level with Na Tree


St Peter’s night beyond imagination, trapezes to the next level with Na Tree

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Courtesy: Colombo Gazette:

A gala event showcasing the musical and thespian talents of primary level students of one of Sri Lanka’s premier boys’ schools St. Peter’s College, got underway at the open air stadium of the school recently. The creative talents of students were unleashed at this event,  that earned kudos of the large and involved crowds present.

Over 5000 audience members were treated to a smorgasbord of culinary delights by Na Tree Caterers, a trusted name in the food and beverage industry in this country.

“The innocence and guilelessness of childhood were celebrated. ‘Beyond Imagination 2018’ encapsulated, galvanized and enthralled the audience, and compelled them to recognize the limitless possibilities of childhood imagination. It definitely was a scintillating, exciting and a tantalizing experience transcending the immediate, engaging with the creative intellectual dynamism which is uniquely human. It created the possibility to go beyond human imagination, which in itself is a tangible experience of the transcendent,” said the Rector Principal of St. Peter’s College, Rev.Fr. Trevor Martin, assessing the event that was an amalgam of the students' talents, and Na Tree’s hospitality.

‘I congratulate St. Peter’s College for staging an event of this nature that brings out the innate talents and creative instincts of students. We are thrilled to sponsor this extravaganza. Students of this day and age are stressed out and often do not come by their nutritional needs as a result. Since nutrition is a key component in their intellectual development, Na Tree caterers are mindful of nutritional aspects, no matter what type of food is being prepared for consumption by students,’ said the CEO of Na Tree Caterers, Mr. Viran Perera.

No Tree caterers also provided hospitality to the media that covered this key event in the school calendar.

Na Tree caterers, 45-year veterans in the food and beverage industry, have earned a local and international reputation for providing quality, healthy food that’s free of artificial additives.

Na Tree which participates regularly in vital Social Responsibility projects hopes to organize some special events in the near future, focusing primarily on providing schoolchildren with a healthy and wholesome diet.


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Happy Easter 2018!


Happy Easter 2018!

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On Easter Sunday Christians world-wide celebrate the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the core-truth of their religious faith and spirituality. Jesus of Nazareth thus became an Eternal Galilean who will rule the world and human history till the end of time. The Crucified Nazarene, the carpenter’s son, the authoritative preacher, the healer of the sick and the possessed, the threat of the demons has vanquished the gloom of the grave and the darkness of that cave having emerged glorious in the brilliance of the Risen Life.

Easter Sunday is the most important day in the Christian church calendar in Canada. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion, according to Christian belief.Christians celebrate Easter on a Sunday as it was the day Jesus rose from the dead, following being crucified on a Friday two days before.

Centuries ago in 325, it was determined by a council of Christian bishops that Easter Day would always be on a Sunday to commemorate the happy occasion. 

Why does the date of Easter change each year?

While the dates for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween are fixed, Easter can fall any time between March 22 and April 25

In Western Christianity, Easter Sunday must always fall on the next full moon after Spring Equinox.

Easter can fall as early as March and as late as April or May, depending on the year and calendar used.

Christians in the east who use the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar may have a different date.

The date of Easter changes because the full moon can fall on different days in different time zones.

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St. Joseph's College opens SKYRIM ARENA


St. Joseph’s College opens SKYRIM ARENA

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St. Joseph’s College, Colombo declared opened the ‘SkyRim Arena’, a new state-of-the-art sporting arena of the school’s 20 year old Indoor Sports Complex with the latest addition of brand new basketball and tennis courts, last Tuesday. Located on the banks of the Beira Lake, the new arena is a revamped, state-of-the-art version of the school’s 20 year old Indoor Sports Complex, with the latest addition of brand new basketball and tennis courts. Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure and former Josephian Harin Fernando was the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony.

The SkyRim Arena was proposed by the school’s Rector, Fr. Travis Gabriel and implemented by its Sports Council led by Chairman Brian Obeyesekere. It was built over a year’s period with generous support from the council, parents, staff, well-wishers, the mercantile sports sector and corporate donors. St. Joseph’s can lay claim to a rich sporting legacy handed down through generations of Josephians who have excelled at sports. Cricket, Swimming and Basketball in particular have been the school’s core strengths; the school has produced national level players in all three sports, including Sri Lanka’s favourite all-rounder and current cricket team captain Angelo Matthews.

Minister Fernando shared his thoughts on the new complex at the event, adding that he was pleased to see the school’s continued commitment to investing in its infrastructure and sporting talent. “St. Joseph’s has produced many great sportsmen over the decades, and I am confident that this will continue to be the case in years to come. I am so glad to be able to declare this open alongside those from the school who have worked day and night to make this a possibility. I look forward to seeing many more Josephians excel in their chosen sport,” he said.

The arena will serve as stamping ground for young Josephian sportsmen fulfilling their school’s rich legacy of sporting excellence. When the indoor complex was first launched in March 1996 it was equipped with Badminton, Volleyball and Netball courts, a gymnasium, and a Basketball court in addition to the existing squashing courts, practice grounds and boat house. Rev. Fr. Victor Silva envisioned his players having access to more facilities in order to reach their best potential and as such founded the Sports Council during his tenure as the Rector of the College.

“I have always believed in the power of sports to teach our students the soft-skills that they need to excel in life,” said Rev. Fr. Silva who was the guest of honour at the event. “With the launch of this revamped arena we hope to encourage more young Josephians to take up a sport of their choice. As you can see, they have several options to choose from.”The new additions improve on the existing facilities with the addition of two new courts for basketball and tennis appointed with the latest state of the art amenities. The Tennis court in particular has undergone a significant revamp with the old clay court replaced with a hard court, and the addition of an advanced system of floodlights.

The SkyRim arena will give equal prominence to all sports played by the school’s pupils, according to Fr. Rector Travis Gabriel. “Our aim is to produce well-rounded and educated young men who understand the importance of a healthy mind and body. This sports arena will be a place for all Josephians to find a sport that they enjoy, and learn to master it. We should be thankful to all our generous donors and partners for helping us to make this possible today,” he emphasised.
The name ‘SkyRim’ signifies the limitless possibilities, that young Josephians are encouraged to believe when it comes to excelling in their sport.

“It has truly been a privilege to watch our sports team grow over the years, and bring home many championship trophies,” stated Brian Obeyesekere. “We hope that these facilities will encourage them to develop those talents further and bring glory to the school, and to themselves.” Obeysekere also extended the invitation to the mercantile and corporate sectors, encouraging them to utilize the facilities in the arena to guide their employees towards a healthier lifestyle, and the sporting associations to make use of the facility for their sporting events. – COURTESY: SUNDAY TIMES 25JUNE2017.


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86th Prize Giving - St. Peter's College


86th Prize Giving – St. Peter’s College

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The 86th Prize Giving was held at St. Peter's yesterday (20th February 2018) with a distinguished Old Boy, Mr. Ashantha Timothy Andradi as the Chief Guest.

After the welcome ceremony Mr. Andradi, his wife Kirtida and son Kirshan were conducted by Fr. Rector, accompanied by distinguished Old Boy invitees, to light the traditional oil lamp. Once the distinguished guests had taken their seats on the stage, Fr. Rector officially welcomed the Chief Guest and read the Prize Day Report in which he emphasised on excellence and action taken by St. Peter's in pursuit of excellence, while also highlighting special achievements of some of the students as well as achievements by College in studies, sports and other extra and co-curricular activities.

In his address, the Chief Guest recalled his own memories of his student days at St. Peter's and the importance of the Prize Day. While congratulating the prize winners he also made it a point to thank the teachers who he emphasised were contributing immensely towards the development of the students.

After the conclusion of the speeches the distribution of prizes took place and at the conclusion of the Prize Giving, the Chief Guest and all the special invitees were treated to refreshments at the Sr. Flora Hall.

Departing from tradition, a special feature of this year's Prize Day, was a grand dinner at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel for the Priests and senior staff of College hosted by the Chief Guest, Mr. Ashantha Andradi. In addition to the teachers, some of Mr. Andradi's classmates had also been invited for this event.

After a prayer by Fr. Chrispin Leo, Mr. Ashantha Andradi welcomed and re-emphasised the role played by teachers in moulding the character of students in addition to imparting knowledge and recalled his own student days and the guidance received back then from priests and teachers. He singled out Fr. Chris Abeyratne as an example of such priests who helped in no small measure to guide and correct many of the schoolmates in the days gone by. He concluded his speech by proposing a toast to the teachers.

This grand event next saw Fr. Rector thanking Mr. Andradi not only for the dinner he was hosting but also for the magnanimous gift of a library which he said was known to be the largest donation by an Old Boy to any school in Sri Lanka. He thereafter proposed a toast to the success of all of Mr. Andradi's affairs and presented a memento to him. Ms. Imogen Mel proposing the vote of thanks on behalf of the teaching staff thanked Mr. Andradi profusely for hosting such an event specially for the teachers, stressing that it had never happened prior to this and it was obvious she spoke from her heart.

The teachers and the guests had a great time at this well organised event with music provided by Rajitha and Misty with "Thattaya", Ronnie Lietch also joining in.

(Pending the receipt of any official photos, we publish the few amateurish photos that were taken with a telephone camera)

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HISTORY: Brothers of the same family – SJC & SPC

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By: Upali Obeyesekere, an Old Peterite – 

St. Joseph's College and St. Peter's College are two premier Roman Catholic educational institutions in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The two schools have produced alumni that have excelled in academics, politics, sports, administration, business, music, and various other fields not only in the island nation of Sri Lanka but throughout the world. The hallmark of their success has been a commitment to excellence. The two schools enjoy a unique bond of friendship and goodwill that has grown stronger over the years. The following is the history of both schools compiled from various news items and historical material published in the souvenirs of the two schools. If any information is incorrect, please notify the writer by sending an e-mail to Thank You!


 SJC BLDGSt. Joseph's College is a Catholic educational institution that was established in 1896 by French missionaries, with Rev Christopher Ernst Bonjean playing a leading role. The college has over 4000 students with a staff of over 200. Distinguished former students include Cardinal Thomas Cooray the first Cardinal from Sri Lanka, President Ranasinghe Premadasa and Niranjan Deva-Aditya, the first person in history to be born in one continent (Asia) and elected to parliament in another continent (UK). The motto of the college is "Fiat Lux in Scientia et Virtute", meaning " Let there be light through Knowledge and Virtue" in Latin.

In 1892, the idea of a Catholic College emerges with the proposal of the Archbishop of Colombo Rt. Rev. Fr. Christopher Bonjean. On 6 January 1892, a pastoral letter was sent to all the priests espousing the desirability of building a Catholic College at St. Mary’s College premises at Mattakkuliya. In April 1892, a public meeting was held to collect funds and discuss the plans for the Catholic College.

Thereafter 27 acres of Land called the ‘uplands’ was bought by the Archbishop for this project, from the government. Later however, this land was bought back by the government with compensation, and the Catholic Church bought a land at Maradana in Darley Road from an Egyptian called Arabi Pasha for the College building.

On 12 December 1894 the foundation stone was laid by the papal delegate for Asia Rev. Msgr, Zalesbbi. In 1896, on 2 March 1896, St. Joseph’s College Colombo was declared open with 211 students in the school proper and 96 students in the preparatory school with Very Rev. Fr. Charles Collin as the First Rector. In November 1896, on 2 March, the College building was formally declared open by Governor of Ceylon West Redgeway and was blessed by Most Rev. Msgr, Zalesbbi, in the presence of the Archbishop Rt. Rev. Fr. Melizan O.M.I.

The Rector‘s office, the College office and the classrooms were all housed in the first building – the Clock Tower building of the College. The College Magazine was started in 1905. The Bonjean Hall was the third building to be completed. Fr. Charles Lytton, the second Rector, planned and supervised the building project of the Bonjean Hall.

Fr. Emil Nicholas O.M.I. was the third Rector appointed in 1910. To Fr. Emil Nicholas goes the credit of primary work on the first Religious Association of the College – the Guild of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In 1914, there was the appointment of the great educationist, scientist and efficient administrator Fr. Maurice J. Legoc O.M.I. the fourth Rector. In 1933 the present Primary building – originally named “The Maurice Block” was constructed. This building was an exact copy of the Bonjean Hall was declared open by Most Rev. Fr. Marques.

The next massive building was the (south Wing) a two-storied building to house the classrooms. During Fr. Maurice Legoc’s tenure of office, there was emphasis of the science subjects in the curriculum, Fr. Legoc’s favourite subject was Botany. His own publication “Tropical Botany” was used as a text book in O’ Level classes in India and Sri Lanka. In 1930, Fr. Maurice Legoc introduced a scheme of scholarships to the under privileged students.

On 19 March 1929, the foundation stone for the College Chapel was laid by the Archbishop of Colombo. The College Chapel is a fitting memorial to Fr. Maurice Legoc.

The southern end of the Primary building an exact copy of the Grotto in Lourdes was built. In 1940, the Very Rev. Fr. Peter A. Pillai (fifth Rector) was appointed. In 1947 – 27 February, due to the World War 2, the College buildings were taken over by the Army. The College was in ‘exile’ from 1942 to 1946, branches of the College were housed in Homagama, Kalaniya, Gampaha and later at Borella.

On 30 July 1952, the swimming pool was declared open by Lord Soulbury, the Governor General of Sri Lanka. after the era of Fr. Peter A. Pillai, Rev. W. L. A. Don Peter (sixth Rector) was appointed as the Rector of St. Joseph’s College in 1959. Fr. Don Peter was the first diocesan priest to hold this responsible post.

In 1960, after the take over of the schools by the Government the financial support was stopped by the government. The College became a private, non fee levying school.

To uplift the financial situation of the College, Fr. W. L. A. Peter founded the Welfare Association, and also started a pre-school for St. Joseph’s. After the tenure of the Sinhala scholar, Fr. W. L. A. don Peter, Rev. Fr. Mervyn Weekakkody (seventh Rector) was given the task of being Chief Executive of St. Joseph’s. after a brief period, Fr. Weerakkody retired as Rector and in 1974, Rev. Fr. Quintus Fernando (eighth Rector) was appointed as Rector. FR. Quintus Fernando was called the architect of the green revolution at St. Joseph’s. He gave pride of pace to agriculture. The agro 74 was a great exhibition which displayed agricultural plots and stressed the importance of agriculture in the school curriculum.

The ‘Open air stadium’ was constructed during the era of Fr. Quintus. The cricket ‘Tuft Pitch’ became a reality during Fr. Quintus’s tenure of office. On 19 September 1977, the Hon. Ranasinghe Premdasa, the first old boy Prime Minister was felicitated by the Josephian family. The work of the Premadasa Pavilion was directed by Fr. Quintus Fernando.

In 1979, Fr. Neville Emmanuel (ninth Rector) was appointed as Rector. During the era of Fr. Neville he tried his best to re-introduce the Catholic atmosphere in the College. Fr. Neville started the scheme of granting incentives to teachers based on punctuality, attendance, good teaching etc. Fr. Neville initiated the sports council, to improve standards in the sports arena. In May 1983, Rev. Fr. B. Stanley Abeysekara was appointed as the 10th Rector of St. Joseph’s College.

To provide an opportunity for deserving under-privileged students to study at St. Joseph’s, a grade 5 scholarship examination was inaugurated in the College. On the results of this examination these students were give an opportunity to study at St. Joseph’s College. In 1987 Thomas Cardinal Cooray, a past student of the College was conferred a very special honour – ‘Deva Dharma Keethisiri Uttunga Vidyala Puthra’.

During the era of Fr. Stanley Abeysekara, the following additions and renovations to the college buildings were completed with funds provided by the Welfare Association and Old Boys.

(a) A two storied building was completed. The top-story for the classrooms, and the ground floor for the sick room, boarders’ refectory and modern kitchen.

(b) An auditorium was built where the Chemistry labs were housed.

(c) In 1991, a three storied building was constructed for class-rooms and laboratories for the advanced level students.

(d) The Enderamulla Branch school was inaugurated.

(e) A sports complex cum auditorium was declared open by Nicholas Marcus Fernando on 19 March 1996, funded mainly by Old Boys worldwide.

The College centenary year was inaugurated.

On 30 March 1996, Rev. Fr. Victor Silva (11th Rector) was appointed as Rector of St. Joseph’s College. The Choral singing at St. Joseph’s College reached very high standards, with Mr. Francis Almeida as music director. The Bonjean Hall and the College swimming pool were renovated with funds from Old Boys from the country and overseas. The introduction of the boating facilities were a valuable addition to St. Joseph’s College during the era of Fr. Victor Silva, three classroom buildings were constructed for the Enderamulla branch school. The branch-school of St. Joseph’s at Kadolkelle – Negombo was inaugurated during the latter days of Fr. Victor Silva.

On 3 October 2005, Sylvester Ranasinghe was appointed as 12th Rector of St. Joseph’s College. A systematic staff development programme was introduced at St. Joseph’s by the Rector. During Ranasinghe’s era, different age groups of past students started undertaking different projects for the welfare of the College – innovations and refurbishment of the different buildings were undertaken by the old boys under the direction of the Rector.One significant restoration was the Bonjean Hall undertaken by the Old Boys' Union at a cost of over Rs. 12 m. The dormitory, classrooms were restored and renovated by old boys.

Computerizing different aspects of school administration and curriculum has been completed.

The present college

The school functions as an "assisted school" with substantial state funding but mainly from its old boy unions worldwide

Situated in the heart of the city, its set of buildings cover 12 acres (49,000 m2) and comprise a sports complex, and a swimming pool that is built to Olympic Standards.

The school prepares students for local Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations in Sinhalese, Tamil and English Mediums. In 1996 the latest branch School of St. Joseph's College was opened in Enderamulla, Wattala, 15 km from Colombo. Another branch school that has become a leading Catholic school in the country is St Peter's College, Colombo. Previously known as St. Joseph's South, it was built to cater to the families in the southern part of Colombo who failed to admit their sons to St. Joseph's Colombo, which has now become their main rivals and compete in sports and other activities which are known as "Battle of the Saints" in Sri Lanka. In 2009 st Peter's won the battle after 30 years.

Present rector of St.Joseph's college (as at 2017) is Rev.Fr. Travis Gabriel.


SPC EntranceSt. Peter's College, Colombo

The most important date in the history of the college is April 8th 1927. The College estamblished its own identity that day. The Wellawatte branch of St. Joseph 's College Colombo was registered as a separate secondary school by Gazette notification No: 7575 of 2nd April, 1927 with the name St. Peter's College, Wellawatte.

The celebrations in connection with the re-naming of the College had been held on Wednesday, 29th June with the feast of St. Peter with a high mass sung by Very. Rev. Fr. M. J. Le Goc assisted by Rev. Fr. Morel and Theobald Silva. After mass, a colourful ceremony took place on the lawn in front of the college. The College flag with the colours blue, white and gold was blessed by Rev. Fr. Le Goc and hoisted.

Golden Jubilee 1922 – 1972

The year 1972 dawned with memories of that historic and glorious day when St. Peter's was inaugurated on 18th January 1922. It was celebrated with jubilation, thanks giving and a bit of reflection of the five decades that had passed. Teachers, parents, old boys, benefactors and the students had a reason to celebrate the fifty years of endeavour and achievement.

The celebrations commenced with a re-enactment of the event with 200 Josephians walking along Darley Road to the Maradana Railway Station and the train stopped at the vary same place as it did fifty years ago when they were being led by Fr. Maurice Le Goc along Kinross Avenue. The Josephians were led by their Rector Rev. Fr. Mervyn Weerakkody, Rev. Fr. Marcellinc Jayakody and Rev. Fr. Lucien Dep and were welcomed by the Peterite Band playing both college anthems. Lt. Heraclitus Jayasekera of St. Peter's was there with the Peterites to welcome them. Mr. J. A. A. Perera an Old Josephian, the only surviving person who had participated in the 1922 event was there too. The Rector Rev. Fr. Theodore Peiris welcomed the Josephians and a special Assembly was held in the Quadrangle. The celebration concluded on 22nd January, 1922 with the Thanksgiving Mass concelebrated by His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Cooray, Archbishop of Colombo.

Diamond Jubilee 1922 – 1982

Monday, 18th January, 1982 St Peter's recorded its sixty years of service in the field of education since the Archbishop Coudert blessed and opened the new school, St. Joseph 's College South in 1922. The occasion was celebrated in a fitting manner with a large and representative congregation that attended the concelebrated thanksgiving mass held in the open air college quadrangle. The Mass was held in the presence of sixty priests who concelebrated the mass with the Chief celebrant His Lordship Oswald Gomis, the auxiliary Bishop of Colombo. His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Cooray, Archbishop Emeritus of Colombo and their Lordship Frank Marcus Fernando and Edmund Fernando O.M.I. were also present.

Due to the great strides made in a short time in the fields of studies, sports and the improvement in discipline under the leadership of Fr. Wickremasinghe resulted in large the number of applications being received for new admissions. In order to cope this situation, two new houses were added in the Diamond Jubilee year, Basil House named after the second rector Rev. Fr. Basil A. Wiratunga O.M.I. and Arthur House named after the third Rector Rev. Fr. Arthur N. Fernando. These houses participated for the first time in the Diamond Jubilee athletic Meet held on June, 26th 1982.

In the diamond Jubilee year, the College Cadet platoon was re-introduced after a lapse of twenty years. More significant however was the elevation on the 15th July, 1982 of the first Old boy Bishop, Rev. Fr. Dr. Henry Joy Gunawardene as the first Bishop of the new Diocese of Anuradhapura – He paid an official visit to College and was given a fitting reception. Also, the Nancy Emily Wickremasinghe Scholarship was established in the Diamond Jubilee Year which was awarded to the best student entering University presented by a loyal Old boy Mr. Anton Wickremasinghe, Chairman of the Film Corporation. The diamond Jubilee celebration came to a close with the prize giving held on 3rd of December, 1982, where His Excellency J.R. Jayawardene President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka was the Chief Guest. On this day the College hall was named as the 'Nicholas Perera Hall' after its builder. The plaque was unveiled by President J.R. Jayawardene.

The present rector of St. Peter's College is Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin.

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Josephians pile on runs as Royal hold off on a draw

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Vice-Captain Shewon Fonseka scored a fighting century as St. Joseph’s College dominated their drawn game against Royal College in their 120th traditional game which concluded today at Darley road.

Resuming on 105 for 1, the Josephians went on to score 395 for 9 in 86 overs in reply to 291 which the visitors made earlier in the game. Wicket-keeper batsman Shewon Fonseka stroked a 109 ball 113 and opener Cameron Duruge made a classy 73 as the hosts completed the first innings win in style. Manula Perera finishing with a 5 wicket haul for the visitors.

Leg-spinner Dineth Jayakody’s efforts with ball in the second innings put Royal College in a spot of bother as they finished on 137 for 9.

Royal College – 291/9d (71.3) Helitha Vithanage 119, Kavindu Madarasinghe 37, Lasindu Nanayakkara 39, Kushan Gunarathne 26, Himesh Ramanayake 26, Lakshan Gamage 2/42 ,Kavindu Jayatissa 3/62 & 137/9 (31) Ronuka Jayawardana 46, Pasindu Sooriyabandara 38, Kavindu Madarasinghe 21, Dineth Jayakody 5/36, Harin Cooray 3/25.

St. Joseph’s College – 397/9d (86) Shewon Fonseka 113, Cameron Duruge 73, Dineth Jayakody 53, Nipun Sumanasinghe 41, Harin Cooray 33*, Jehan Fernandupulle 25, Dineth Madurawala 22, Manula Perera 5/127, Himesh Ramanayke 2/79.

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SPC-OBU – Special General Meeting on 01/26/2017

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A Special General Meeting of the St. Peter's College Old Boys' Union will be held on Thursday, 26th January 2017 at 6.30 p.m. at the Rev. Sr. Flora Hall, St. Peter's College, Colombo to accommodate concerns as to clarifications sought and in the interim to:


  1. Render inoperative Clause 8 (i), (ii) and (iii) of the Constitution of the St. Peter’s College Old Boys’ Union (OBU) and Annexure ‘D’ along with the forms (Calling for Nomination Form and Character Evaluation Form) so as to make amendments to the said Constitution with regard to the appointment of a President.


  1. Appoint a sub-committee to recommend amendments to the Constitution of the OBU or enactment of new provisions in relation to the election of the President of the OBU. This sub-committee will report back to the Committee of Management (COM). Once ratified by the COM, a Special General Meeting (SGM) will be summoned for the approval of the said amendments with the entire process being endeavoured for completion within a period of ninety (90) days.


  1. Such Amendments once approved as aforestated, are expected to be operative for elections from 2018 onwards.


  1. For purposes of clarification, the effect of the aforesaid non operation will bring into operation the previous provisions relating to the election of the President.


  1. To appoint M/s. Algi Wijewickrema (Convenor), Asela Lihinikaduwa, Dushantha Gunewardene, Kevin Edwards, Ravika de Silva Anil Philips, Ashley Fonseka, Damitha Gomes, Dayan Georgesz, Dinesh Rodrigo & Kanishka Hewage to be members of the said sub-committee.



By order of the Committee of Management


Algi Wijewickrema

Hony General Secretary, St. Peter's College Old Boys' Union

47/3, St. Rita’s Road, Mount Lavinia.

9th January 2017



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St. Peter’s College beat St. Sebastian’s College by an innings and 10 runs

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PappareMiflal Ameen, Chathura Obeysekara and Sachin Silva took 3 each as St Peter’s registered a massive win by an innings and 10 runs against St Sebastian’s College in the Singer U19 Div I Cricket Tournament at St Peter’s College Grounds. Peter’s were cruising at stumps on day 1 at 289 for 6 and skipper Lakshina Rodrigo decided to make the declaration over night with a deficit of 210 in favour of them. The visitors had a daunting task ahead of them and coming back from a difficult first day, all odds were against them. Sebs made a few changes to their batting order in the second innings with Nuwanidu Fernando opening the batting with skipper Nimesh Bandara. After the damage the Peterite seamers did in the first innings, the pressure was on the openers but this time they responded well. The pair added 54 runs and most importantly managed to bat out 18 overs.

_________________________________________________ Courtesy: The Pappare _________________________________________________


Miflal Ameen got the wicket of Nuwanidu for 22 and this wicket was followed by two more which put Sebastians 112 for 3 before lunch. Tharusha Fernando and Nimesh Bandara added 61 runs for the 4th wicket with skipper Nimesh scoring a fighting knock of 59 runs before he top edged an easy catch to Ranmith Jayasena at covers. Tharusha Fernando looked good for his brisk 44 but he also fell shortly afterwards thanks to brilliant catch by Santhush Gunathilake in the slips. Malintha Peiris and Tashik Perera were removed cheaply by Sachin which put the visitors 185 for 7 at tea. Dulaj Shalinda and Asher Warnakulasuriya fought hard and managed to occupy the crease for a period of 21 overs and it was Peterite main striker Miflal Ameen who cleaned up Asher from an absolute peach of a delivery. Dulaj held up one end facing 85 balls for his 10 runs but the two tail-enders fell shortly afterwards. Sebastian’s were bowled out for 200 runs in 74.5 overs which gave St Peter’s a massive win by an innings and 10 runs. Early on, Nimesh Bandara won the toss and elected to bat first. Santhush Gunathilaka and Shivaan Perera ripped apart the Sebastian batting line up within the first session, cleaning them up for a mere 79 runs. Shivaan bagged his first 5-for in the season while Santhush Gunathilake took 4 wickets from the other end. In reply, Peterites were in trouble early on with 3 wickets down for 31 but a magnificent partnership between Lakshina Rodrigo and Shalith Fernando helped the home side posted 289 for 6. The pair added 231 runs with skipper Lakshina Rodrigo scoring 138 runs off just 144 balls while Shalith missed out on his first century when he was dismissed for 94.


St Sebastian’s College : 1st innings 79 all out in 24.4 overs – Damien De Buyzer 16, Shivaan Perera 5/20, Santhush Gunathilake 4/31

St Peter’s College : 1st innings 289 for 6 dec. in 69.1 overs – Lakshina Rodrigo 138, Shalith Fernando 94, Ravindu Silva 21*, Vinuja Ranasinghe 2/78, Asher Warnakulasuriya 2/36

St Sebastian’s College : 2nd innings 200 all out in 74.5 overs – Nimesh Bandara 59, Tharusha Fernando 44, Asher Waranakulasurya 33, Nuwanidu Fernando 22, Chathura Obeysekara 3/34, Sachin Silva 3/67, Mohomada Ameen 3/37

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