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Prof. (Dr.) Rohan Jayasekara, proud product of St. Peter’s College

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Remembering a prof’s service to medicine.

It was an emotionally-charged ‘Valedictory meeting’ when high-level academics, both medical and non-medical, gathered at the New Lecture Hall of the august Colombo Medical Faculty on September 17 to bid adieu to former dean, mentor, colleague and friend, Prof. Rohan W. Jayasekara.

Prof. Rohan Jayasekara is presented with a 'genetic' token depicting DNA strands by Colombo University Vice Chancellor Prof. Lakshman Dissanayake

While brief and powerful presentations were made to showcase how Prof. Jayasekara’s ‘innovative and trailblazing baby’ has matured to provide an invaluable service to Sri Lankans scattered across the country, there were the others who spoke of the humble and helpful persona that he was all the time.

‘Human genetics’ was Prof. Jayasekara’s very own baby when Sri Lanka had not even imagined about its potential as the new frontier of medicine. He retired after more than four decades of service. “The legacy that Rohan leaves behind is his pioneering contribution to the development of the specialty of Medical Genetics in Sri Lanka. In 1983, upon his return from training in the United Kingdom, he founded the Human Genetics Unit which was one of the first units of its kind in the Asian region,” said Colombo University Vice Chancellor Prof. Lakshman Dissanayake.

Pointing out that thereafter for over one and a half decades Rohan single handedly promoted the specialty in the country, travelling to all corners of the island, he said that today the Human Genetics Unit has grown to be known as a centre of excellence on par with any in the developed world.

The distinguished gathering at the 'Valedictory academic meeting'. In the front row (from right) are Prof. Vajira H.W. Dissanayake, Mrs. Varuni Jayasekara and Prof. Rohan Jayasekara.

Prof. Dissanayake commended him as “a renowned academic, researcher, clinician and administrator par excellence”, with his forthright and no-nonsense approach whenever various complicated issues were deliberated. He also paid a tribute to him for grooming and mentoring the next generation in his department, thus ensuring continuity of the good work he had started.

Adding her voice to the accolades, the Dean of the Colombo Medical Faculty, Prof. Jennifer Perera reiterated that Prof. Jayasekara’s “most outstanding” contribution to medicine has been in the field of human genetics which revolutionized the outlook on medical genetics in Sri Lanka.

“He worked with dedication and commitment to ensure that medical genetics takes centre-stage in the prevention and management of genetically-inherited disorders. He was also instrumental in establishing the much-sought after Genetic Counselling Service at the Medical Faculty,” she added.

Referring to his teaching abilities, Prof. Perera pointed out that Prof. Jayasekara made the complicated science of genetics very fascinating and simple to learners. He also made sure that the subject of Anatomy which is fundamental to understanding the mechanics of the human body was taught with adequate depth as application of this subject is vital to accurate diagnosis and management of patients.

An emotional address by Prof. Rohan W. Jayasekara (Pix by Amila Gamage)

In spite of the numerous advances in medical education, he strongly endorsed the need for the continuation of cadaveric dissections in the teaching and learning of Anatomy and ensured the sustainability of such facilities at the faculty, she said, adding that he also excelled as an administrator.

It was Prof. Vajira H.W. Dissanayake, who has followed closely in the footsteps of Prof. Jayasekara, who traced his guru’s life from birth to retirement and also went into detail about his major contributions.

Titling his talk ‘The pioneer medical geneticist’, the current Director of the Human Genetics Unit and Professor in Anatomy, Prof. Dissanayake brought about laughter when he spoke of “naughty” Rohan who was admitted to St. Peter’s College, one year ahead of time because it was not easy to keep him at home!

Excelling in his studies and qualifying to pursue medicine at the Peradeniya campus of the University of Ceylon at the tender age of 17, Rohan had declared that otherwise he would have been a pilot. Graduating in 1972, Prof. Dissanayake detailed how Rohan did his internship at the Ragama General Hospital, soon after following in the footsteps of his uncle, the late Professor M. J. Waas, by selecting a career in Anatomy. The Anatomy Department of the Colombo Medical Faculty was full of heavy-weights – the late Prof. Lester Jayawardena being the Chair, his young and upcoming successor, the late Prof. P.S.S. Panditharatne and Prof. Shanthi Goonawardena, Prof. Benitta Stephen and the late Dr. Subadra Satchithanandan all being on the staff.

Dr. Rohan Jayasekara had to carve out his own niche and his opportunity came in 1977 in the form of a Commonwealth Scholarship to read for a Ph.D in Human Genetics under the famous Prof. Derek Roberts at the Department of Human Genetics, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. By that time he was married to Varuni who is today the Principal of the Varuni Jayasekara Academy of Speech, Drama and Communication.

In lighter vein, Prof. Dissanayake quotes Prof. Jayasekara as saying that during his stay in England, besides his Ph.D certificate, he also received one from the Chief Constable of Northern England, the equivalent of Sri Lanka’s Inspector General of Police, because he helped them arrest a gang of car thieves.

Returning to Sri Lanka in 1980, Prof. Jayasekara commenced his long journey in pioneering Medical Genetics, states Prof. Dissanayake, starting the unit with assistance from the World Health Organization (WHO). “The unit, one of the first of its kind in the Asian region, was formally opened with the approval of the Faculty Board in October 1983 with only his faithful laboratory assistant Sisira Perera by his side. Sisira continues to serve the unit up to date.”

Prof. Dissanayake stated: “Prof. Jayasekara single-handedly ran the unit for the next 15 years using the exposure he received through fellowships from the WHO and the United States Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates to strengthen the unit. These fellowships enabled him to travel and work in genetic centres in the United Kingdom, United States of America (USA), Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

“As an academic he introduced the teaching of Basic Medical Genetics and Clinical Genetics to the medial curriculum. He taught the subject not only at the Colombo Medical Faculty but also at Ragama and Galle. He was a popular lecturer and the book on ‘Basic Medical Genetics’ for medical students that he wrote in 1996 has been reprinted every year since then. It is popular not only among undergraduates but also postgraduates.

“His contribution to postgraduate genetics education is unparalleled. He taught Medical Genetics to trainees in Surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Family Medicine, Medical Administration, Sports Medicine, Transfusion Medicine, Haematology, Oncology and Radiotherapy, Molecular Medicine, Community Dentistry, Clinical Genetics, Genetic Diagnostics and Legal Medicine and Forensic Science. It is hard to find a specialist in Sri Lanka who has not been taught by him.

“Therefore it was not surprising that he was able to rise up the academic ladder on merit at every occasion, becoming Associate Professor in 1991, Chair and Professor of Anatomy in 2000 and Senior Professor in 2008. Along the way he was also admitted as a Fellow of the Galton Institute London, Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology London and Honorary Fellow of the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka.

“As a researcher he pioneered the introduction of cytogenetics to the country. In 1983 the laboratory at the Human Genetics Unit became the first centre in the country to offer genetic testing. He spent many hours analyzing chromosomes and issuing reports to patients, as well as conducting research, in the background of very little financial support for basic science research in the country. The research programme in the unit flourished in the first decade of this century with the availability of funds leading to it becoming one of the best for basic science research in the field of medicine in the country.

“As a clinician no one could match him for the hours that he spent with his patients and their families, counselling and helping them to understand the aetiology, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of the condition affecting them or their child. The parents loved him and when they decided to form a Parents’ Association for the Special Child he was the obvious choice to be their patron.
“He had to be the go-between among patients and their doctors. This was a challenging task as the doctors had to get used to the new specialty of medical genetics. His first paper on the subject titled ‘Acceptance of genetic services: A Study of Physicians in Colombo, Sri Lanka’ in the Journal of Biosocial Sciences published by the Cambridge University Press in 1988 is an eye-opener about the challenges.

“The last decade undoubtedly was the high point in his career. It is the decade in which all his hard work and perseverance paid off and he was able to build a team at the Human Genetics Unit that could carry forward his legacy. The unit flourished in terms of international recognition and today it is a part of the Global Genomics Medicine Collaborative convened by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science of USA. It has a fully-fledged team of Clinical Geneticists, Cytogeneticists, Molecular Geneticists, Haematologists, Scientists, Bioinformaticians, Technicians and other staff. The unit has research groups including those in Clinical Genetics, Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology, Bioinformatics and Synthetic Biology. These groups have generated over Rs. 350 million in grants and produced over 60 research papers and 220 conference abstracts.

“The unit has trained the first team of clinical geneticists and scientists from Nepal and as a result the first-ever Medical Genetics Unit was set up in Kathmandu in 2015. The unit as well as its team has been recognized for their work with awards at international, national and university levels as well as at many international and local conferences. These developments can only be characterized as ‘rising like a phoenix from the ashes’ because one fateful day in July 2005 an electric short circuit caused a fire that engulfed it. To rise from such a catastrophe would only have been possible under the leadership of a person of the character and stature of Prof. Rohan W. Jayasekara – a man like no other.”

Organized by the Head and the Staff of the Department of Anatomy, Colombo Medical Faculty, the others who addressed the ‘Valedictory academic meeting’ included the Chairman of the University Grants Commission, Prof. Mohan de Silva, the Head of the Department of Anatomy, Colombo Medical Faculty, Dr. Ajith P. Malalasekera and Senior Lecturer Dr. M. Madhuwanthi Dissanayake and the Deputy Director of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, Prof. Senaka Rajapakse.

Brief presentations showcased ‘Frontier research in genomics and regenerative medicine’ at the Human Genetics Unit.
A portrait of Prof. Jayasekara was also unveiled, while a Felicitation Volume on his life and times compiled by Dr. Nirmala Sirisena was presented to him.

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1st XI Peterite Cricket Fixtures for 2015/2016 announced

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Date Opponents Venue

Oct.: (Fri) 02nd – (Sat) 03rd Wesley College Home
(Fri) 09th – (Sat) 10th Darmapala College (T) Home
(Mo) 12th – (Tu) 13th St. Aloysius College Home
(Fri) 16th – (Sat) 17th St. Joseph Vass Col (T) Home
(Fri) 23rd – (Sat) 24th Trinity College (Kandy) Home
(Fri) 30th – (Sat) 31st De Mazenod College Away

Nov.:(Tu) 09th – (Wed)10th Nalanda College (T) Home
(Th) 12th – (Fri) 13th St. Sylvester’s Col (T) Away
(Wed)18th – (Thu) 19th Isipathana College Home

Jan.: (Tu) 05th – (Wed) 6th Ananda College Home
(Fri) 08th – (Sat) 09th Maris Stella College Away
(Mo) 11th – (Tu)12th President’s College (T) Home
(Fri) 15th – (Sat) 16th St. Sebastian’s Col (T) Away
(Fri) 22nd – (Sat) 23rd Prince of Wales Col Away
(Fri) 29th – (Sat) 30th D.S. Senanayaka Col (T) Home

Feb.:(Thu)04th – (Fri) 05th Royal College Away
(Mo) 08th – (Tu) 09th St. Thomas’ College (T) Away
(Fri) 12th – (Sat) 13th St. Benedict’s College Home
(Fri) 19th – (Sat) 20th St. Anthony’s College Away
(We) 24th – (Th) 25th (Pre Quarter matches of League)

Mar.:(Fri) 04th – (Sat) 05th Joe – Pete (Big Match) Oval (SJC)
(Wed)09th – Old boys (Limited Over)
(Sat) 12th – Joe – Pete (Limited Over) Kettarama (SPC

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Joes take Schools Basketball title

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A St.Joseph’s College player about to foil an attempt by an AIS player to pile up a basket in the final which St.Joseph’s won by 55-51. Picture by Lalith C.Gamage





St. Joseph’s College, Colombo clinched the National Schools Basketball title by edging out the All Island Under 19 Champions and Western Province Champions, Asian International School by 55 points to 51 after a thrilling final played at Darley Road recently.

In the beginning AIS attempted to dominate the game, but the Josephians took the game away from the visitors. At Half time the Joes managed to snatch the lead (25 – 24).

From the third quarter, both teams strived to take the lead, with rebounds and counter attacks. However, the Darley Road School made their intentions clear to clinch the title with their giant killing performance.

It also turned out to be a game played with immense speed by both teams. The visitors also gave the homesters some anxious moments and infact made them to defend their own territory.

The Captain of the St. Joseph’s College Kisal Cooray had a grand game as he netted 21 points and was also adjudged the best player of the tournament. He was ably supported by Bhanuka Gamage who collected 12 points .

For Asian International School, Tahir Akberally scored 16 points while skipper Bevan Samuel collected 9 points.

Meanwhile, De La Salle College emerged victorious in the third place decider against Kingswood College Kandy by 76 points to 61 after leading by 20 – 14 at the breather. Anushka Dilan (33 points) and Ishara Piyumal (7 points) were the most outstanding for the Lasallians while A.Thilina (16 points) and K.Hansaka excelled for the Kingswoodians. 







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Clive Inman led the winning Peterite team in 1955

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Clive Inman is a name that rings many bells for cricket in Ceylon and for all Peterites who went through the hallowed hallways of the Bambalapitiya school – St. Peter's College. Inman was a prodigy who still holds the highest score of 204 n.o. in the big match that began in 1933, 82 years back. In 1955, Clive Inman captained a stad-studded team that included Maurice Salgado, Brian de Silva (WK), Ken Duckworth, Jayantha Fernando, R. Saravanabhavan, Russel Duckworth, Maurice de Silva, Roy Jayasinghe, Lakshman Serasinghe, and Peter Ludowyke. Batting first, the Josephians led by Mahinda de Silva scored 117 runs and the top order batsmen were mesmerized by the medium-pace swing bowling of Maurice Salgado who took 5 for 18 runs. In reply the Peterites did well to batter the Josephian bowling to amass a score of 224 runs. Opener Brian de Silva, 79, Lakshman Serasinghe, 35, Clive Inman, 25, were the top scorers. Josephian opening bowler Tony Buhar took 4 for 31 while Malcolm Berenger spun hiw way to grab 3 for 81. In the 2nd innings the Joes fared slightly better scoring 150 runs helped by Kirthi Caldera, 52, and skipper Mahinda de Silva, 37. Maurice Salgado was once again in form taking 4 for 29 while skipper Inman bowled cleverly taking 5 for 36. Needing 44 runs to win the Peterites knocked the deficit with the loss of 2 wickets to win the 22nd Joe-Pete match played at the Colombo Oval on the 25th & 26th March, 1955.

The team photo is invaluable. Probably one of the few in the archives with Clive Inman. Seated from L to R: Brian de Silva (WK), Not Known, Clive Inman, Rev. Fr Basil Wiratunga, Maurice Salgado, Not Known, Ken Duckworth – Standing from L to R: Roy Jayasinghe, Maurice de Silva, Russel Duckworth, Lakshman Serasinghe, Peter Ludowyke, R. Saravanabhavan, Brian Seneviratne and Jayantha Fernando.






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31st Joe-Pete Cricket Encounter played on September 7, 2015, at Ajax Cricket Club Grounds

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The following e-mail is self-explanatory. It is addressed to both Captains/Managers of the Josephian and Peterite teams for 2015. The attachments  are comprehensive and show the teams, payment of match fees that were deposited to the JPAA Canada account.

—– Original Message —–

From: Upali Obeyesekere

To: Srinath Wijeyeratne ; Ravishankar Puvanendran ; Rajive Benedict ; Michael Jayatileke ; Dane Joseph ; Percy Nagthall

Cc: Christy Joseph ; Chris Serpanchy

Sent: Monday, September 14, 2015 5:28 PM

Subject: Summary of 31st Joe-Pete Cricket Encounter Sept. 7, 2015

Please find attached documents in pdf format.

  1. JPAA Communique 2015-09   JPAA COMMUNIQUE 2015-09 Joe-Pete 2015
  2. JPAA Receipts – SJC      JPAA RECEIPTS 2015 – SJC
  3. JPAA Receipts, SPC     JPAA RECEIPTS 2015 – SPC

An article + photographs will appear in both SriLanka Anchorman & SriLanka Reporter – September edition.


Thanks and best regards,


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Canada’s 31st Joe-Pete encounter brings out many cricket stars of yesteryear

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31st Josephian-Peterite Cricket Encounter (Canada Series) was played over the Labour Day statutory holiday on Monday, September 7, 2015, at the picturesque Ajax Cricket Club in Toronto. Weather turned out to be fantastic and ideal conditions for the Canadian "Big Match". A large crowd turned out to witness stars of yesteryear take the field in honour of their alma mater in faraway Toronto, Canada. The event is conducted in two segments, 1) Masters T20 game Over-40 and 2) Main Game. Following are the scores.



Old Peterites XI won by 4-wickets.

SJC 109 for 06 in 20 overs (Mario Steinwall 25, J. De <el 13) Crofton Joseph 2/19, Michael jayatillake 2/24, J. Lewis 2/21

SPC 110 for 6 wickets in 16.5 overs. (Dane Joseph 45 n.o., Chanaka De Mel 25, (Dyan Trenchel 3/29)

Trophy 1Trophy 2AWARDS:

  • Best batsman – Mario Steinwall (25 runs –SJC) ,
  • Best Fielder – Philip Navaratne (SPC) ,
  • Best Bowler – Dyan Trenchell ( 3 wkts. – SJC)
  • Man of the match – Dane Joseph (45 not out – SPC)
  • Championship Trophy: Old Peterites


MAIN GAME: (Reduced to 35 Over’s from 40 due to late start)

SJC won by 8 wickets.

SPC – 153 all out in 33 overs. (Senthuren Sooriakumar 34, Srimantha Wijeyeratne 24, Roshan Wignarajah 20, P. Wijayaraj 20, Shawn Corera 14, H. Joseph 14) Rajive Benedict 2/21, Thasan 2/35, Brian Rajadurai 2/40, Trevin Bastiampillai 2/11

SJC – 159 for 2 in 21 Over’s. (Brian Rajadurai 64, Trevin Bastiampillai 69)


  • Best Batsman & MVP – Trevin Bastiampillai,
  • Best Bowler – R. Benedict,
  • Best Fielder J. De Mel,
  • MAN OF THE MATCH – B. RAJADURAI (All award winners from SJC)

** Zubin Surkari, former Canada Captain and current Toronto CC player was the Match Referee and Adjudicator and all awards nominated by him.

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31st Joe-Pete Cricket Encounter on Labour Day holiday – September 7 (Monday)

Posted on 05 September 2015 by admin

The 31st Josephian-Peterite Cricket Encounter will be played on Labour Day holiday on Monday, September 7, 2015, at Ajax Cricket Club Grounds. The Masters Game (20-Overs) will start at 10:00 am while the Main Game (40-Overs) will start immediately after the Masters game is completed. The Prize Distribution will take place after the main game is completed.

We will NOT be having a Cash Bar. Spectators are encouraged to bring your lunch, water and other beverages. The food vendor will come only at 4:00 pm and on the menu is Hoppers, Kottu Roti, Pastries, etc.

Please drop by Ajax Cricket Club Grounds and enjoy the day with us!

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Quadrangle Magazine is a collector’s item – get your copy today!

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The Quadrangle Magazine is the brainchild of Old Peterite Sujith Silva who has successfully got together a coterie of reputed journalists and old boys from St. Peter's College, St. Joseph's College, St. Anthony's College (Katugastota) and St. Benedict's College to bring out a worthy publication. It is a collector's item and the inaugural hit the stands a few last month and is available in Sri Lanka, U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Canadian residents, please call Upali Obeyesekere, President of JPAA Canada (416-445-5390) for a copy of the Quadrangle. It is a worthy literary effort and Sujith Silva must be congratulated for his initiative and hard work in putting this splendid magazine together. This magazine will interest the select group of "Saints" schools – Antonians, Bens, Peterites and Joes!

The word ‘Quadrangle’ may mean an empty space or a design with four points and six lines to some. But for those who spent some part of their lives in a Quadrangle in an institution, this would mean plenty of memories. It was a place to meet and to play and to share stories amongst friends. Of course in between a place to get reprimanded in public for all the misdeeds.  Nevertheless, those who grew up in Quadrangles, like you and me, and all those who come from Quadrangular schools would place great value and respect not only to the institution but also to those who guided them to become who they are today. Some friendships built at Quadrangles last for a lifetime with fond memories lingering in our minds.
We moved on, like rest of the world but hardly have we forgotten those values inculcated and the learning’s we’ve had. These values help us in our endeavours to be strong, be successful and most importantly to be human beings in this demanding, ruthless yet funny World. Furthermore, our world is shrinking with the digital world bringing us closer each second.
Here we are opening a new chapter of our story, by launching the very 1st issue of Quadrangle Magazine (A bi monthly Magazine) through the learning we’ve had at Quadrangles and where they have led us, reaching out to one big community of Sri Lankans in this Island Paradise and across the world. The soft copy is uploaded to the site for your reference and you can order the print copy to which ever destination. We will keep copies (free issues) to pick up from today onwards at Old Bens Sports Club, Old Joes Sports Club, Peterite Lounge and at Old Antonian Secretariat. In addition these Magazines will be available soon at leading bookshops and super markets. You can order online too.
Russel Arnolds features in the cover story and Priyantha Ekanayake is featured as our ‘Legends’ with Manik Pereira, Dudley Thambinayagam and Air Chief Marshall Roshan Goonetileka being featured under ‘Outstanding Saints’. Feature story is the indepth analysis of 1957 Schools Cricket season featuring for the first time1st XI Cricket teams from St. Benedict’s, St. Joseph’s, St. Peter’s and St. Anthony’s. Current Schools Cricket Review featuring St. Anthony’s and St. Benedict’s 1st XI teams. We also have many stories to take you down the memory lane and captures the highlights of events held in Canada, London, Melbourne and Colombo.
The Stories begin mostly from a Quadrangle be it at Kotahena, Maradana, Bambalapitiya or Katugastota and cover the local corporate world, sports, leisure, tourism, fashion, food and entertainment. We have on stage some senior writers in Sri Lanka and guest writers from Australia, Canada and United Kingdom along with our very own up and coming writers, content generaters and photographers sharing their stories. The writers includes Lucien Rajakarunanayake, Elmo Rodrigopulle,Niel Wijeratne,Franklyn Amerasinghe, Marlon Fernandopulle, Eric Motha (Canada), Upali Obeyesekera (Canada), Lawrence Heyn (Australia),Rohantha Athukorala, Algi Wijewickrama, Ranjit J. Perera, Nigel Forbes, Mano Senaratne, Jehan Bastians, Sarah Kellapatha, Cassandra Van Heer.
We may add more stories and cover more Quadrangles as we go along. We hope you will enjoy these stories, cherish them and of course share them with your network of friends and families.
We cannot go on this journey without you. This is your platform both on print and on to share the stories. You are at the centre of everything we do. Do send us your views, your own stories and pictures. We will try to feature them in the best interest of the community at large. If you want to rave or rant about a story, feel free to go ahead. For that you can reach us either via social media, web or in person through the given contact details.

If you enjoy what you read, then please subscribe by filling the form (in the Magazine) or through the website and get every issue to your door step or to your mobile devise. Selling price marked as Rs. 300 per copy and for annual subscription, you can order this at Special Price of Rs. 200 each (or Rs. 300 each with free home delivery in Sri Lanka).

We want to inspire Sri Lankans, with every story we share and if we Inspire One to begin with, we will be the happiest!

We hope you will enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed in creating this.

Happy reading and happy sharing!

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