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7th death anniversary – Melville Assauw

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September 21, 2010.



My friend, Melville Joseph Assauw, passed away on the 23rd of June this year, just short of the Biblical three score years and ten. I had known for some time that Mel had been seriously ill and the news of his demise should not have been a surprise. But it was. The sad news cast a shadow of gloom and carved a deep niche of sorrow in the hearts of those, such as myself, who loved and respected him.

I often met Mel at Jonathan Studio where in the company of Mervyn Wijeratne, my wife's cousin, we had many a pleasant and jovial chat. Mervyn had given Mel a small area to do his art work and from such small beginnings he progressed to be a true icon in the field of advertising in an era which saw the likes of radio and media personalities, Tim Horshington, Greg Roskowski, and others.

Mel was educated at my alma mater, St. Peter's College, Colombo. He took to advertising firstly as Director of International Advertising Services (IAS) and later as its Creative Director, in addition to being the Creative Director of Prachards, a subsidiary of IAS. The natural outcome of all these early endeavours was for Melville to form his own Company – Mel Ads Ltd – a family business which now counts 35 years in the field of advertising. Mel's initiative and drive and, most importantly, the goodwill that he made him expand into other fields. He initiated what I believe was the first ever Teledrama in Sri Lanka: Dimuthu Muthu, in addition to producing many other publications for the local and public sector. Melville became President of the Four ‘A’s in Sri Lanka during the years 1986 –1988, and headed the International Advertising Association (IAA – Sri Lanka Chapter) in 1999-2001.

Being the man that he was, ever willing to help those less fortunate, he became a Rotarian and was President of his Club in 1987 – 1988, and subsequently became District Governor of Sri Lanka in 1994 – 1995. All the above commitments took up much of his time, but of course he also had to direct his energies to his own firm. There is something of a paradox here in that Mel Ads was a great success and at times also a failure. There were those who joined him as raw neophytes, worked hard and later on left to do their own thing. He had no problem with these people. Sadly, however, there were also some unscrupulous opportunists who sought his help, joined his firm, virtually sucked his brains and with nary a thank you left him surreptitiously and in an underhand manner taking with them some Mel Ads accounts which, to say the least, undermined and threatened the viability of his Company. Mel certainly had business acumen, but he lacked shrewdness. His kindly disposition also had with it a degree of naivete which prevented him from quickly identifying those who would use him solely to further their own agendas. These events caused him untold anguish and further exacerbated his failing health. Mercifully, with the help of his devoted wife Bernie and daughter Maryse, and also a lifelong friend who stepped in, there was a turnaround and Mel lived to see his beloved Mel Ads on a firm footing once more.

If one took his accomplishments in the pioneering field of advertising to be the high watermark in his life and his only achievement, this would be a mistake.

Mellville was a man of many talents. He was an oil painter of considerable repute, a landscape artist, a man interested in the culinary arts and immune to the overwhelming influence of TV, much preferring to read a good book. When I was at his home in Maharagama to photograph his daughter Maryse's engagement, the late President J. R. Jayewardene (a personal friend of Mel and the family) was present and expressed his admiration of the numerous oil paintings created by Mel which tastefully adorned the walls of his lovely home. If anything, Mel's abiding interest was painting. He admired and was influenced by the works of David Paynter, Ivor Baptist, Donald Ramanayake, among others, but would not imitate them. He often lamented that his other commitments left him with little time to indulge in his passion for painting, but nonetheless managed to have four solo Exhibitions of his work. He generously donated several of his paintings for relief work in Indonesia.

Above everything else, Melville Assauw was a deeply religious man. By this I don't mean mere strict observance of the formalities of a church- going Catholic. He didn't carry his religion on his shoulders or in his pocket. His abiding faith was an ingrained quality which influenced everything he did. Mel was greatly blessed in having a beautiful family; his son Angelo and daughter Maryse, and of course a wonderful soulmate in his wife, Bernie. A Company Director, a refined and accomplished person if ever there was one, Bernie above all was his great love and tower of strength in good times and in bad. As his energies ebbed and the end of his journey through life inexorably drew to a close, Mel's spirituality blossomed further, even to the extent of his seeing beautiful visions of the after life. In the wee hours of the morning he would ask Bernie to sing his favourite hymns, a beautiful and fitting scenario which continued till the end. Bernie can surely take comfort in the Christian and perhaps universal concept among believers) that death is but a star-lit strip between the companionship of yesterday and the reunion of tomorrow.

We all grieve his passing, but more importantly rejoice in having had the opportunity of knowing such a good, decent and accomplished man. A Thanksgiving Service to celebrate the life and works of Melville Assauw will be held at St. Theresa's Church, Thimbirigasyaya, on Thursday 23rd September 2010, at 6.30 pm.

Jerome Crusz

(Courtesy: The Island)

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General Communique of 9/26/2017 from JPAA Canada President 2016-2018

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To: All Past & Present Members, JPAA Canada

Dear All,

I took over as JPAA President in April 2016, and currently serving a 2-year term till 2018. As explained in my general communiqué of 8/22/2017 (shown below) all accounts of JPAA were frozen by the bank from November 2016 until July 2017. The account balances as at the time of freezing in November 2016, were as follows:

A. JPAA Operating Account $4,775.91

B. JPAA Trust Fund $11,499.73

The bank released the hold on the two accounts on July 12, 2017, and issued us two cheques made in favour of JPAA Canada in the following amounts.

I. JPAA Operating Account $4,741.46

II. JPAA Trust Fund $11,531.41

As explained in August, the Operating Account funds in bank stands at $ 4,741.26 while the GIC Trust Account funds were disbursed to the two schools equally. Two bank drafts in the sum of CAN $5,713.20 each were made to Rector, SJC and Rector, SPC. The two bank drafts were sent by Purolator Courier to the two rectors and acknowledgement obtained. It was only last week that the bank in Toronto confirmed that the drafts had gone through processing and have been realised. These transactions will be recorded in the Financial Statements of JPAA Canada for the 2017 fiscal year (January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017).

Detail discussions were had with both schools and it was revealed that the two rectors had future projects listed in priority order. For St. Joseph’s College, Fr. Travis Gabriel identified his #1 priority to be the College Chapel Renovation Project. For St. Peter’s College, Fr. Trevor Martin identified his #1 project to be the construction of Rugby Pavilion. The budget for both projects far exceeds the amount we sent but it all adds up. 

  1. St. Joseph’s College – CAN $5,713.20 will be utilized towards the renovation of the Josephian Chapel that is over 100 years old. This project was on Fr. Travis Gabriel’s #1 priority list; 
  2. St. Peter’s College – CAN $5,713.20 will be utilized for the construction of a new Rugby Pavilion with an expected September 2018 completion date.

Download pdf  JPAA DONATIONS 2017

To: All past members (2016) & current members (2017)

Please take note of a few other important messages listed below:

  • All future correspondence related to JPAA Canada 2017 operational activity will now be handled directly me, as JPAA President. No one else is authorised to send any communications to JPAA Members (past and present) with immediate effect;
  • Mr. Anu Kandasamy (Asst. Treasurer) and Mr. Radley Perera (Hony. Treasurer) have both resigned their posts on the ex-co effective September 15, 2017;
  • I have asked Mr. Radley Perera to complete the Financial Statements for 2016 and hand it over with all supporting documents to Hony. Auditor Chris Serpanchy or Roger Payoe, ex-co member. But he has failed to do so. I will be following up with Mr. Perera next week and if he fails to cooperate we will take further appropriate action to secure these documents;
  • Mr. Lloyd Wijesinghe has ceased to function as Interim General Secretary, JPAA Canada as of September 12, 2017. I have advised him to cease and desist sending any form of general communications (verbal, written e-mails or letters) to any of our 2016 or 2017 members;
  • We request all our 2016 members to send in their $15 subscription to continue membership in JPAA Canada in 2017;
  • We hope to hold the Annual General Meeting for 2017, no sooner the financial statements for 2016 are audited. I will be contacting the Hony. Auditor in the next few weeks to finalise arrangements.

Assuring you of my best attention at all times.

Christy Joseph – JPAA Canada President – 2016/2018



From: Puvi Ravi
Sent: August 22, 2017 11:53 PM
To: Christy Joseph; Distribution List
Subject: Re: Subject" General Communiqué to all paid-up members, JPAA Canada for 2016 – Batch 1


Hi Christy,

This is awesome news. Thank you for sharing. Can you please tell us what was the split in $ amount. That way we all know how much each school got. Thx.






From: Christy Joseph <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 9:25:56 PM
To: Distribution List
Subject: Subject" General Communiqué to all paid-up members, JPAA Canada for 2016 – Batch 1

To: Members, JPAA Canada

Dear Members,

As you are well aware, the bank account and trust account of JPAA Canada has been frozen since November 2016, due to a dispute arising of authorized signatories to said accounts. This problem was ongoing and we tried to resolve this with the bank at branch level, district level and legal department ending up finally with Customer Care. Many attempts were made to resolve this issue and a few past presidents were also consulted but nothing came right. After renewed discussions with the branch manager, district manager and legal counsel the issue was placed in the hands of the bank’s Customer Services Manager. The consensus between all was that no resolution was possible without bringing the disputing party to the table. Had we failed to comply with the bank’s request, the funds would have gone into a dormant account where we would not have been able to access any funds from the accounts at all. Our inaction would also have caused the bank to charge us legal fees that may have amounted to well over the funds we had sitting in our operating account and trust fund account (GIC).

At this point, I requested Mr. Aubrey Atton (Committee Member) to mediate on behalf of the president (JPAA) and the disputing party to settle this issue in an amicable manner. Mr. Atton was successful in bringing the disputing party and myself to the table and together we informed the bank that we had reached a joint decision to sign release documentation agreeing to split the trust account (GIC) in half and send it to our alma mater in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The bank agreed to release the funds once we sign the agreement by way of two bank drafts for the GIC balance and also a second draft  in lieu of the operating account. Let me confirm that no funds were held back and/or that no bank charges were levied as legal or administrative fees. This was a major win for JPAA Canada.

The bank wanted us to consult legal opinion after which the bank was prepared to deal only with our lawyer on this matter. However, timely action on the part of Mr. Aubrey Atton and myself with the disputing party resulted in us jointly agreeing to work together for and on behalf of JPAA Canada. Had we gone the route of consulting legal opinion on this matter, we would have faced heavy charges that may have even exceeded the funds we had in the 1) Operating Account and 2) Trust fund account (GIC). Our main objective was to safeguard the funds and also restore our account status with the bank.

The GIC split was sent to the two schools for the following work.

  • 50% to St. Joseph’s College – JPAA funds were sent for the renovation of the college chapel that is Fr. Travis Gabriel, Rector’s top priority project. The chapel is 100 years old and breaking down.
  • 50% to St. Peter’s College – JPAA funds were sent towards the construction of a new Rugby Pavilion which is Fr. Trevor Martin, Rector’s top priority project. Estimated completion date is September 2018.

The above communiqué is for your information. I will not be available to field any calls on telephone or respond to any e-mails sent in this regard.

Any concerns you have may be addressed at the Annual General Meeting 2017, that will be held once the Financial Statements for the Operating Account are audited by the Hony. Auditor and returned.



Christy Joseph – President, JPAA Canada

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Communication dated 9/20/2017 from Founding President, JPAA Canada

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Communication dated 9/20/2017 from Founding President, JPAA Canada

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JPAA President Christy Joseph

Christy – please see e-mail trail below that is self-explanatory.

I am very disturbed with the thoughtless and impetuous e-mails going around from past members (2016) of our association. They have demonstrated bad judgment.

A few concerned JPAA loyalists have brought to my notice that you are facing intimidation and interference from four past presidents (two of whom are time-time residents of Canada) and their followers.

The other complaint is that the interim General Secretary has sent out a malicious e-mail in March 2017, from Sri Lanka that is libelous. His e-mail has been copied to countless number of non-members of JPAA Canada. This action on the part of Mr. Lloyd Wijesinghe tantamount to defamation of character and absolute mis-representation of facts. Publishing a false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation is one thing, but to copy over twenty Canadians who have nothing to do with JPAA Canada is another thing. Two wrongs don’t make a right. This intriguing issue with Mr. Lloyd Wijesinghe’s errant e-mail will be dealt with legally next month.

Having said that, the intent of this e-mail is not about Mr. Lloyd Wijesinghe and his unauthorised e-mails. It is about the legality of the Special General Meeting held in April 2017, and the proposed Notice of SGM of 09/30/2017. This is absolute poppycock.

Let me categorically state, without reservation, that the Special General Meeting held on April 8, 2017, at Markham Ruby Club is ‘null and void’. Same applies to the SGM Notice of September 30, 2017, inadvertently called for by the Interim General Secretary Lloyd Wijesinghe.

Point at issue is that the Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association is a member-driven organization incorporated under the Ontario Statute of Not-For-Profit Corporations Act. The fiscal year is from January 1st to December 31st. This leads me to advise you that annual membership of all have ceased as of December 31, 2016. JPAA does not have any Members in good standing in 2017, and any meetings conducted in 2017 with 2016 members is not binding in a court of law. Any business transacted in 2017 by 2016 members is also not binding. Present status of JPAA can be equated to a “car in operation sans license plate”. These people are violating the laws of Canada.

The only statutory meeting you may conduct this year is the “Annual General Meeting” that shall be held on or before December 31, 2017, at which all Members in good standing for 2016 may participate.

Members of 2016 who are stubborn, conniving and manipulative can very well go ahead and have Special General Meetings all they want. But any/all decisions taken at these meetings have no ‘legal binding’ and I will vouch for this with the backing of legal counsel. So, you do not have to worry about nuisance telephone calls, or e-mails. I understand that you are at the receiving end of badgering, bullying and harassment by a handful of 2016 members.The Laws of Canada protects you, and you are entitled to report the matter to your closest police station if this continues.

As a general comment, I find that most of the ‘shit-disturbers’ within the organization have hidden agendas and do not have an iota of loyalty to our 33-year old organization. It is therefore my fiduciary duty to intervene at this point and offer you assistance to restore and maintain a semblance of decorum back to our joint association. Let’s work together and bring JPAA back together to serve the purpose and end objectives for which it was started.

People who wish to breakaway from JPAA and form other organizations may very well do so. No one is holding them back. But they should act with dignity and not deface the integrity of JPAA nor its loyalists. Nor should they expect JPAA to hand over its coffers to them. This is hitting below the belt and their cheap behaviour may be construed as Un-Peterite and Un-Josephian!

Please feel free to contact me as and when needed. JPAA is like a child of mine. I brought it forth, and I will nurture and stand by it.





Upali Obeyesekere (Tel: 416-445-5390)

58 Sundial Crescent, Toronto, ON. M4A 2J8

Date: September 20, 2017.

N.B. (Collins Dictionary definition of shit-disturber: ‘person who enjoys causing controversy or upsetting people)

To: Upali Obeysekara – Immediate Past President, JPAA Canada


Cc: Christy Joseph ; Valentine Balasingham ; Srinath Wijeyeratne ; Radley Perera ; Nelum Attanayake ; Aubrey Atton ; Anu Kandasamy ; Adrian Wijeweera ; Angelina Wijeweera ; Roger Payoe ; Upali Obeyesekere ; Milan Gunawardana ; Bhanu Wijeyesekera ; Puvi Ravi ; Srimantha Wijeyeratne ; Anthony Perera ; H ; Rehan Goonetilleke ; Taguram Thiagarajah ; Glen Ragell ; Peter Ragell ; Jerome de Kauwe ; Lyall Bakelmun ; ShirleyNirmali Perera ; ; Jaywardena Nihal J ; Rod Diaz ; Ranier De Lambert ; Rajive Benedict ;; ; Philip Navaratne ; ; Jeyer Rodriguez


No, I did not authorize this e-mail that you refer to sent by Lloyd Wijesinghe who goes by ‘rylewijes’.


I will deal with the matter directly with the sender who is Interim General Secretary appointed by me.




Please note that I, as JPAA Canada President did not summon a Special General Meeting for September 30, 2017.


We have other administrative issues that have come up in the last two months that need immediate attention.




We hope to have 2017 Annual General Meeting no sooner the 2016 Financial Statements are audited. This will


happen before December 31, 2017. You will be notified.





Christy Joseph


President, JPAA Canada



Sent from my iPhone









From: Upali Obeyesekere


Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 9:55 AM


Cc: ; Aubrey Atton ; ; Philip Navaratne ; Jerome De Kauwe ; JPAA CANADA ; Lyall Bakelmun ; Distribution List


Subject: Fw: SGM Sept. 30,2017







JPAA President Christy Joseph




Good morning Christy,




This is in reference to the e-mail below.




I have just one question? Did you authorize this e-mail?




As far as my records show, Philip Navaratne is the lawfully elected General Secretary of JPAA Canada at the 2016 AGM held in April 2016. When did “Ryle Wijes” assume the role of General Secretary, JPAA Canada? As a rule, I do not accept e-mails from anonymous senders. Authencity of this e-mail is questionable.




Sender obviously is not aware that JPAA Canada is a member-driven Not-For-Profit Corporation. Rule of law dictates that only paid up members in good standing are privy to communications from JPAA Canada.




It violates the “privacy law” when an electronic communication is sent to non-members. This tantamount to “hate mail”. Why is Arvind Luxman copied? He is not a member of JPAA Canada in good standing for 2016?




Your response to this e-mail is expected sooner than later!










Upali Obeyesekere


Founding President/IPP JPAA Canada


Tel: 416-445-5390








From: Ryle Wijes


Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 3:34 PM


To: Christy Joseph ; Valentine Balasingham ; Srinath Wijeyeratne ; Radley Perera ; Nelum Attanayake ; Aubrey Atton ; Anu Kandasamy ; Adrian Wijeweera ; Angelina Wijeweera ; Roger Payoe ; Upali Obeyesekere ; Milan Gunawardana ; Bhanu Wijeyesekera ; Puvi Ravi ; Srimantha Wijeyeratne ; Anthony Perera ; H ; Rehan Goonetilleke ; Taguram Thiagarajah ; Glen Ragell ; Peter Ragell ; Jerome de Kauwe ; Lyall Bakelmun ; ShirleyNirmali Perera ; ; Jaywardena Nihal J ; Rod Diaz ; Ranier De Lambert ; Rajive Benedict ;


Cc: ; Philip Navaratne ; Arvind Luxman ; ; Jeyer Rodriguez


Subject: SGM Sept. 30,2017







Pursuant to the General Communique dated August 23, 2017, issued by Christy Joseph, the President of the Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada – members of good standing in the JPAA, Canada requests a Special General Meeting under section 10 of the JPAA, Canada Constitution.



Notice is hereby given that:




A Special General Meeting of the Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada will be held on Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 9:30 am to 12 noon




To require the current President, Christy Joseph to produce details and documentary evidence of the transactions that took place with the TD Bank,         Fairview Branch prior to the closing of the JPAA, Canada accounts held at that Branch.


To require the President, Christy Joseph to produce documents relating to the opening of any new JPAA, Canada bank accounts with supporting bank statements.


To require the President, Christy Joseph to provide proof of remittances made to the two Colleges mentioned in his General Communique.


Based on the information provided by the President, Christy Joseph, pass a suitable resolution relating to these and other matters.




R. Lloyd Wijesinghe,


General Secretary,


Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association, Canada

















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1965 Big Match: Travis Fernando leads Peterites to 6 wicket victory

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1965 Big Match: Travis Fernando leads Peterites to 6 wicket victory

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1965 Cricket XI – St. Peter's College

St. Peter's College was led by Travis Fernando and had Darrell Wimalaratne and Charlitha Goonasena opening batting. In batting order Peter de Niese followed at No.3 – Chris Harridge #4 – skipper Travis Fernando #5 – Aubrey Paternott #6 – C. Christoffelsz # 7 – Everard Hoffman # 8 – Tony Opatha # 9 – Rodney Paternott #10 and Mervyn Fernando (skipper's brother) at # 11.

The Big Match was played on March 19 & 20, 1965, at St. Peter's College grounds at Bambalapitiya. St. Peter's romped home to a resounding 6 wicket victory thanks to a terrific bowling spell by skipper Travis Fernando who had a match bag of 11 wickets for 89 runs. St. Joseph's College was captained by Christoper Moreira and included Polycarp Wijesekera & Brian Perera as openers. Skipper Moreira came in at #3 – Alan de Costa at #4 – Wicket-Keeper Sunil Athukorale at #5 – Victor Vimalasingham at #6 – Bede Johnpillai #7 – Sarath Wanigasekera #8 – A. Rasanayagam #9 – Anil Peiris #10 and T. Mitchell at #11.

Alan de Costa, 40, Polycard Wijesekera, 21, Victor Vimalasingham, 33, batted best for the Josephians who were bundled out for 130 runs. Skipper Travis Fernando 5/45 and Peter de Niese 3/25 routed the Joes. In reply the Peterites scored 201 runs helped by a painstaking 68 runs by opener Charlitha Goonasena, Aubrey Paternott, 25, Tony Opatha, 42, Rodney Paternott, 23. The Joes had a deficit of 71 runs to clear and fared better in the 2nd innings scoring 164 runs with Polycarp Wijesekera, 36, Alan de Costa, 22, Victor Vimalasingham, 50, Sarath Wanigasekera, 20. Once again skipper Travis Fernando proved to be the Joes downfall as mesmerized the batsmen by taking 6/44 while Rodney Paternitt 3/31 provided ample support.

St. Peter's College needed 93 runs to win and the game was all but won when Darrell Wimalaratne, 29, and Charlitha Goonasena, 27, were associated in a match winning opening stand. An unbeaten knock of 31 by Aubrey Paternott saw the Peterites win the 1965 Battle of the Saints by 6 wickets.

Where are they today?

Tony Opatha (SPC) later won his 'Ceylon Cap' and did yeoman service for Sri Lanka Cricket. To my knowledge Polycarp Wijesekera and Sunil Athukorale live in Canada, and Sarath Wanigasekera in USA. In the Peterite team Mervyn Fernando lives in California, Rodney & Aubrey Paternott; Everard Hoffman, Peter de Niese have made Australia their home. Skipper Travis Fernando is still involved with alumni events at St. Peter's College and participates in the Pre 70s get-togethers every year.

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JPAA Canada – alive and well

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Contrary to unfounded rumours floating around, the 34-year old Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada (JPAA Canada) is alive and well in Toronto. JPAA Canada is unique in that it is the only joint association for the Josephians and Peterites, in the world. JPAA Canada goes on record as the first Sri Lankan Schools Alumni Association to be formed in Canada in 1984.  The association was founded thanks to the pioneering efforts of a core group of Canadians of Sri Lankan origin who were domiciled in Canada since the early seventies. It is a member-driven association of Josephians and Peterites who have attended their alma mater for a minimum period of 365-days. St. Joseph's College and St. Peter's College are two leading Roman Catholic institutions located in Colombo.

"Our end objective is to ensure that we assist our alma mater as and when possible. There are many infrastructure projects in the pipeline at both schools (St. Joseph's College & St. Peter's College) and our mission is to contribute financially towards these projects. No funds are available for purchase of cricket balls or mechanized rollers and/or operating expenses for sports activities. Our main focus is to assist only infrastructure projects which the two rectors have priortised time and again", said a spokeman for JPAA Canada.

Current president of JPAA Canada Christy Joseph has made two changes in the executive committee for 2016/2017, effective immediately. Old Joe Roger Payoe has been appointed in place of Radley Perera as Honorary Treasurer of JPAA Canada. All correspondence to members in good standing as at 12/31/2016 shall be handled directly by President Christy Joseph.

All members are requested to renew their 2017 membership. Please contact President Christy Joseph or Aubrey Atton (Actg. General Secretary).

Thank you. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017.


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