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Appended below is an e-mail communication between Joint Trustee of the JPAA Canada Trust Fund Upali Obeyesekere and Honorary Auditor, JPAA Canada Chris Serpanchy on November 15, 2016. Contents of the e-mail is self-explanatory. 

Download pdf document – JPAA CANADA TRUST FUND ACCOUNT


November 15, 2016.

Mr. Chris Serpanchy  – Hony. Auditor, JPAA Canada 
Dear Chris, 
I must report a serious situation that has arisen in one of the two “Trust Accounts” held by JPAA Canada of which the undersigned is Joint Trustee. The amount in question is Three Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty-Five Dollars and Cents Fifteen ($3,745.15). The monthly statement that were sent to me suddenly stopped and on enquiry with TD Canada Trust, 1800 Sheppard Av E (Fairview Mall) Branch I am told that this account has been closed as of June 13, 2016. 
I spoke to JPAA President Christy Joseph this morning about the matter. He was very vague as to how this happened and said JPAA Hony. Treasurer Radley Perera had authorized the withdrawal of these funds. I do not know who this person is and how he had the authority to withdraw the funds without first obtaining the approval of the two trustees who must sign a bunch of documents to get this done. Further, Radley Perera was not the elected Hony. Treasurer at the AGM held on April 8, 2016, and I have not received any communication from the President, JPAA Canada informing us that he has changed the elected official and replaced with a new one. 
I have initiated an investigation into the matter and it will take a little time for the bank to apprise me of specific details of who signed the documents for the withdrawal of these funds.  
As you are aware, the two trustees to the JPAA Trust Account can be changed only at an Annual General Meeting held annually by the general membership only.  
Let me get to the bottom of this soon after which a final report will be submitted to you. 
Upali Obeyesekere Joint Trustee, JPAA Canada Trust Account 



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