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Peterite Sports Complex to be declared open on Friday, February 1

Posted on 27 January 2019 by admin

Dream come true! This was Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin's pet project. It took less than two years for the project to be completed from 2017 – 2019. The new Sports Complex will be declared open on Friday, February 1, 2019, by the newly appointed Minister of Sports Harin Fernando. Minister Fernando is an old boy of St. Joseph's College. Congratulations to Fr. Trevor for stick handling the project from concept stage to execution.

The Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada – JPAA Canada made a significant contribution in 2017 towards the Sports Complex project. 


By: Dhammika Ratnaweera – Courtesy: Sunday Observer.




An artist’s impression – Peterite Sports Complex 

St. Peter’s College will turn a new leaf in the rich annals of its sporting tradition when they declare open their new Pavilion at Bambalapitiya on February 1 with the blessings of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith the Archbishop of Colombo who will grace the occasion as chief guest.

Fr Trevor Martin, the Rector of St Peter’s College has been the main architect behind several developments at the school and the pavilion will be named in memory of former rector Fr Joe Wickramasinghe who served the Peterites with distinction from 1978 to 1994. “Fr Joe Wickremasinghe saw the necessity for students to reach greater heights in studies, sports and discipline. The Peterites led the way in cricket, rugby, tennis, basketball, hockey, football and athletics and Fr. Joe played a big part in this,” said Fr Martin. Besides being the rector of one of the leading Catholic schools in the country, Fr. Joe also initially laid the base for everything through spiritual values with prayer being a central part of the students.

“This pavilion is one of the best tributes we can pay Fr. Joe Wickremasinghe,” declared Fr. Martin.

The construction of the pavilion took a lesser amount of time to build than planned and was completed within a period of eight months through the efforts of old boys, parents and well-wishers at a cost of Rs. 185 million. Some of the funds poured in from Europe, the USA, Canada and the Middle East courtesy of fundraising of the school.through

The new building will not only cater to the present boys, but will also provide accommodation and welfare to visiting sports teams from outstation schools.

It will also be complete with sleeping quarters, washrooms, gymnasium, conference room, manager’s room, office room, indoor nets, spectator accommodation and VIP boxes.

“What we had in mind was the comfort of every sportsman and spectator who visits St. Peter’s College for sports events, especially when it comes to cricket and rugby,” said Fr. Martin.

A 400-meter track for athletes is also a feature connected to the commissioning of the new pavilion. St. Peter’s College also has basketball and tennis courts. The school will open its sporting doors for any other school that is in need of a ground and facilities, according to Fr. Martin.

“We want other schools also to benefit from this whole concept. It is a very worthy cause and investment,” he said.

One of the spectator stands will be named in memory of rugby legend and Sri Lanka player Archibald Pereira.

“There is no one who does not know Archibald Pereira and he was a household name and his services have to be appreciated,” said Fr. Martin.

Sports Minister Harin Fernando, a product of St. Joseph’s College will grace the occasion as the Guest of Honour– along with distinguished old boys and heads of other schools as well as Sri Lanka rugby officials. According to Fr. Martin the school has plans to internationalize the venue.

End of News Item that appeared in the Sunday Observer of Jan. 27, 2019.


Editor's Note: A significant contribution was made in August 2017 by the Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada – (JPAA Canada) towards the proposed Sports Complex/Rugby Pavilion. It is good to read in the Sunday Observer that the sports complex is scheduled to be declared open on February 1, 2019. All Josephians and who were associated with JPAA Canada (1984-2017) should be proud that we made a generous donation from Canada to Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin for this project.

We hope Fr. Trevor will  the arrangement we had with him to have a plaque installed with the words "JPAA CANADA 1984-2017". Thank you.

Relevant News Release is displayed below.






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