Wow, what a show it was! Alston Koch rocks JPAA Canada Dinner Dance 2015

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ALSTON BESTALSTON KOCH – he came, he sang and he simply rocked! The 2015 JPAA Canada Annual Dinner Dance was a grand success. The capacity crowd witnessed a superstar in action. Alston's rendition of "DIANA" made popular by Paul Anka was a sensational bit of vocals. This writer has listened Paul Anka live twice sining "Diana" – but Alston's rendition matched his key to key. There were other songs too – Lonely Table Just For One & Delilah! People were more intent on listening rather than dance as it was a theatre performance – more or less. Another splendid performance by DJ – Pradeep Thomas (Peterite Alumnus) who backed Alston with super coordination. The JPAA Dinner Dance was titled, "Evening of Nostalgia". And so it was. It was a nostalgic moment when Alston introduced female sensation PRIYANTHI MANAMPERI-JALALDEEN who had sung with Alston when she was only 14-years old. Raj Jalaldeen was also present at the dance. So was "Baby Shiromie" a.k.s. Shiromie Fernando. It was a star-studded night.

Social media was inundated with photos and videos captured at the dance. Almost everyone had a photo-shoot with the stars. Alston patiently stood by his adoring fans. 

The two school anthems were sung with such strong passion backed by music provided by DJ – Pradeep Thomas. This was the best rendition of the school anthems (specially the Peterite version) since 1984.

JPAA President Upali Obeyesekere says, "Thank you to all our wonderful guests for their patronage! I believe you had a splendid time. If you have feedback – positive or negative, please send a quick e-mail to and we will respond within 24-hours. In my humble opinion JPAA Dinner Dance 2015 was easily the best dance for the year. Glad that we could feature a ground-breaking musician with loads of talent along with the best DJ in town."

Photo Gallery will be posted shortly!


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