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Sri Lanka “Big Match” Cricket Festival called off due to heavy rains

Posted on 01 July 2015 by admin

01 July 2015, Toronto.

Due to heavy rains that caused the Maple Leaf Grounds to get waterlogged, the Sri Lanka "Big Match" Cricket Festival will not take place as scheduled on July 1, at 10 AM. The joint organizing committee had an emergency teleconference at 9:00 am and decided unequivocally to postpone the festival to a later date. There were three "big Matches" that were to be played on July 1 at King City. The Josephian-Peterite; Royal-Thomian and Trinity-Antonian.

An interesting thing happened as a result of the eleventh hour cancellation. At the joint teleconference hed at 9:00 am this morning, the chief vendor Mark Swaminathan of Hot Breads Bakers said his main concern was for 200 packets of Lamprais that were already prepared. After negotiations with the vendor, it was agreed to price the Lamprais at $8 per packet. A flyer was prepared and sent out at around 10 AM to the Sri Lankan community advertising the sale of 200 Lamprais packets at $8 per packet.  By 1:00 pm there were many takers and the entire stock of Lamprais was sold out averting a possible financial disaster. All is well that ends well!

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