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Past Presidents of JPAA Canada

Posted on 03 April 2015 by admin

1993 Upali Obeyesekere (Inaugural)   1994 Jimmy Raymond
1995 Anton Perera   1996 Robin Rode
1997 Hazmee Hameed   1998 Chris Cooke
1999 Bhanu Wijeyesekere   2000 Milan Gunawardena
2001 Nihal Jayawardene   2002 Lloyd Wijesinghe
2003 Rehan Goonetilleke   2004 Jeevan Pragasam
2005 Roderick Diaz   2006 Victor Santhiapillai
2007 Ranier De Lambert   2008 Valentine Balasingham
2009 Roshan Navaratnam (25th Year)   2010 Christy Joseph
2011 Christy Joseph   2012 Christy Joseph
2013 Upali Obeyesekere   2014 Upali Obeyesekere
2015 Upali Obeyesekere      

The joint Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada (JPAA Canada) was founded in 1984, as an Ad-Hoc Committee and continued to function in this capacity until 1992. ~~ It was the first Sri Lankan Schools' Alumni Association to be formed in Canada and remains the only joint Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association in the world. This is quite a unique feature in the 31 year-old association that caters to both Josephians and Peterites under one banner in Canada.

In 1993, the Ad-Hoc Committee was structured as a Non-Profit Corporation and governed under a set of Bylaws and Constitution. There have been 18 leaders of this joint organization who have led with purpose and passion to uphold the values of Sri Lanka's two leading Roman Catholic School – St. Joseph's College & St.Peter's College.

The original Ad-Hoc Committee (1984-1992) comprised of Upali Obeyesekere (Facilitator), Benito de Silva, Roy Alles (deceased), Sunimal Perera, Nihal Perera, Jimmy Raymond, Anton Perera, Hamzee Hameed, Laky Ranchigoda, and Lyall Bakelmun.



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