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JPAA Dance 2014 – President’s Message

Posted on 17 October 2014 by admin

Following is the Message from JPAA Canada President Upali Obeyesekere in the 30th Anniversary Dance Souvenir.

UPALI GoodA warm welcome to all – Josephians, Peterites, families and well wishers from Canada & USA who have graced this occasion. This evening marks the final segment in the ongoing celebrations of our 30th anniversary of which we are modestly proud. While enjoying the unique position as the first ever alumni association in Canada amongst Sri Lanka Schools, we must thank god for keeping us together. We are celebrating 30 years since the rise of the Ad-Hoc Committee in 1984, that guided the Josephians & Peterites to what is known today as “Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada”.

The road was not always straight – we had a few a road blocks, bumps and bends along the way but we made it to our destination. When Christ said ‘Do not judge’ he meant not only do not judge others, but also do not judge yourself. When you fall, simply get up again. This is exactly what we did and today here we are celebrating 30 years with you.

Please click on 30th Anniversary image on right hand of the Main Page that leads you to the photographs taken at the dance.

JPAA Canada has been a rewarding journey for me, personally. Having first come up with the concept of starting the association, my Josephian counterpart Benito de Silva helped me assemble a cohesive group. Members of the Ad-Hoc Committee are collectively the founders of our great organization. All this happened in 1984 and here we are today – thirty years later basking in the glory of successfully keeping a joint association together for three decades.  Kudos to the eighteen Past Presidents of JPAA Canada – many of whom are still actively involved with the organization. What really makes us stand out is that we survived and made it this far. We kept the Blue & WhiteBlue, White & Gold flags flying high. The tag line of “Two true brothers of one family” was our guiding light.

Like you, the Josephians and Peterites have come a long way from our motherland. We miss our surroundings, family and friends back home. This void was filled in our adopted land by the emergence of one great association for both schools. Every summer, we have a Fellowship Nite. Then we battle it out for supremacy in the Canada series of the Josephian-Peterite Cricket encounter.  Then again we meet the Antonians and Bens in the “Saints Quadrangular” T20 cricket tournament. In the fall, we battle it out with other schools in Rugby and come October it is our annual dinner dance. JPAA Canada is doing its best for you.

Have a wonderful evening and may god bless you!


Upali Obeyesekere

President, JPAA Canada

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