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St. Joseph’s College OBU organises grand event to bid farewell to Fr. Sylvester and welcome Fr. Travis

Posted on 14 February 2014 by admin


Fr. Sylvester RanasingheRev. Fathers Sylvester and Travis.

We are gathered here in great numbers today to honour you both.

Fr. Sylvester on behalf of the Josephian community, I thank you for everything you have been to us, for what you have done for the College and for your singular commitment to discipline in the school. Might I add that, no other Rector ever has had to face the problems that you have shouldered.

My fellow Josephians, We may be holding the highest positions in the corporate arena, we may be at the very top of our chosen professions, we may be advising the powers that be and indeed I might venture to suggest even advising Holy Mother the Church itself, yet none of us, none of us can ever compare ourselves to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He was the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the whole earth could not contain him. Yet he was born in a Stranger’s Stable and laid to rest in a Stranger’s grave. On that night of a thousand stars, the day of the Last Supper, Our Lord and Master washed the feet of his disciples and wiped them with a towel. Then he said those immortal words that have reverberated throughout history “I have set you an example, you are to do as I have done for you”. Let us therefore following the example of Our Lord and Master humble ourselves and in this context, Father, let me say, “We are deeply sorry for what has happened over the last year, we are deeply sorry for the mental trauma you have undergone”.

None of us, my brothers, are perfect. We all have our imperfections and none of us can take ‘a holier than thou attitude and seek to cast the first stone’. Let us remember that imperfections have been divinely ordained that the Law of human life may be effort and the Law of human Judgment mercy.

Father, we give you today, the best gift that can ever be given, that of this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in gratitude for what you have done for College. May the Road rise up to meet you, may the Sun be always on your back, and till we meet again may the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand. We will thank our God when we think of you and when we pray to you we will pray with joy.

Fr.-Travis52f6cc429a3c6.jpgFr. Travis, we warmly welcome you today as the 13th Rector of this hallowed institution which we call our second home, St. Joseph’s College. You are no stranger to us as you were our Vice Rector for four years previously.

My fellow Josephians, It is time now for us to close ranks and move forward together in unity, for ‘unity is strength’. Let bitterness and hatred not destroy brotherhood and peace. Let us remember those immortal words of Mother Theresa who said, ‘love is the only language which even the blind can see and the deaf can hear’. We are all Josephians and proud to be Josephians. None of us is any less a Josephian. So let us in that Josephian spirit move forward in unity and love. Let us take an example from Our Lord and Master who gave his life for us. On that day in the cross everyone expected him to cry out in pain and agony, for that is what others had done before. Yet like some fragrant trees which bathe in perfume the very axe which gashes them, the great heart on the tree of love in calvery poured out from its depths something less of a cry than a prayer, a prayer for pardon and forgiveness. Let us have that same spirit of forgiveness towards each other and move forward. As Martin Luther King Jr. very aptly stated “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that, Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”

Tomorrow is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, with her by our side, together with Our Holy Patron, St. Joseph, with you at the helm, Father, we trust the unknown future to a known God.

Welcome - Fr. Travis

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