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Posted on 29 April 2014 by admin


Never afraid of challenges

I never ever thought that I would have to write an eulogy for Rukshan. He was too young to leave us. When on that fateful day our colleague Sunil K. called me to convey the news of Ruki's (as he was fondly known) untimely demise, I was speechless for a few minutes. No one could believe that Ruki has gone away.

My thoughts go back a little over a decade when we worked together at ABN AMRO Bank in the same Treasury team. Ruki was a naturally talented dealer. His strong point was treasury sales.

With his unmatched PR skills, he was able to successfully conclude many deals. He used to get very emotional with his work. That was the commitment he displayed towards call of duty.

I am sure our friend Sarath Gunawardena who was the senior accountant at Van Rees at that time will vouch for this. Ruki was never afraid of challenges. He was actually an inspiration for the rest of the team. His excellent competency and talent paved the way to an illustrious banking carrier at Standard Chartered Bank which made him a top runner at a very young age.

Ruki was equally talented in sports. He was a stylish cricketer and also excelled in many other sports including soccer and golf. Ruki was always with a smile on his face and breathed life to any social gathering that he attended.

Ruki was a good friend and a reliable colleague. This was abundantly evident from the large crowd that gathered at the Borella cemetery to bid farewell to a dear friend and a colleague, weathering the torrential rains.

He leaves a young family. We pray that Rajindra will get the strength and courage to bring up their two children the way both Ruki and she planned. Our hearts go out to Rajindra and the children's, Ruki's mom, Ruki's elder brother Richie and other members of his family.

We will dearly miss you Ruki. Good bye my friend. May your soul rest in peace!

Sunil L.


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BreakingNEWS NEW


Demise of RUKSHAN DIAS in Mauritius

Posted on 20 April 2014 by admin

BreakingNEWS NEWNews has just reached us of the sudden death of RUKSHAN DIAS, Peterite cricketer who represented college in 1988 and 1989. His death occurred in Mauritius where he was ‎Country Head of Global Markets/ WB Country Co-Head, Mauritius at Standard Chartered Bank. Apparently he died of a heart attack while playing golf in Mauritius.

The body is expected to be at his residence at Araliya Gardens, Pepiliyana from Tuesday 22nd, evening and burial at the General Cemetery, Kanatta on Thursday 24th at 4.30 p.m.

Rukshan is the nephew of legendary Peterite Cricket Captain/Sri Lanka Cricketer Roy Dias. Rukshan's father Norman (since departed) was Roy's only brother. Rukshan's paternal grand father played soccer for Ceylon.

Old Peterites please accept this intimation.

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