“A Christmas Wish”…at the Lionel Wendt Theatre – Dec.6,7 & 8, 2013

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 A coup is underway…………. the evil Ice Queen supported by her love-struck henchman, Jack Frost, is conspiring to cancel Christmas around the world.

Can Santa Claus and his Chief Elf, Mike, save the day? Will the unlikely alliance of everybody’s favourite, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, the band of talking reindeer and the adorable elves with fabulous singing and dancing at the Lapland toy factory be able to support Santa to prevent this.

This action musical is beautifully entwined with the touching story of young, fatherless Peter, his mother and his fervent wish that his family will become whole again. Can Santa make this happen? Will they find happiness?

Does Santa have a few tricks up his sleeve? Or will the Ice Queen come between Peter, his future and Christmas for the world?

Watch as the tension, action and romance unfold in this dazzling Christmas musical.


“The Audience –

There will be 1 Matinee show and 3 night shows in this production.

The matinee show will played only for the students and the tutorial staff of St.Peter’s College while the night show is open for everyone.

Most of the audience will be

ü  School Students

ü  Old Peterites

ü  Parents and Family of Peterites

ü  Colombo Theater Lovers

This newss item was sent by Algi Wijewickrema – SPC-OBU in Colombo, Sri Lanka


“Peterite Productions”

Music and drama have always had a place in the hearts and minds of Peterites.

The stage of the famous Nicholas Perera Hall has witnessed many practice sessions, rehearsals and productions, be it the Primary School concerts, Middle School concerts or functions of the various Literary Associations and Clubs. It has been the arena where Peterite actors down the ages have showcased their talent……..be it gentle tip-toeing, impatient flounces, intricate moves or angry stamping of feet.

Peterites young and old will no doubt agree that this revered Hall embodies memories of productions of varied depth, character, mood, rhythm and beat. Diverse personalities have stepped in and out of its doors, sacrificing time and energy to train and mould budding young Peterites to emerge as veteran singers and actors.

Productions such as ‘Cats’, ‘Godspell’ and ‘Oliver’ have gone before the public and won acclaim.

The last full-length Peterite public production was ‘A Christmas Carol’ in 2010, which won the hearts of many.

The blue, white and gold have always flown high, with St. Peter’s College participating in the annual Shakespeare Inter-School Drama Competitions — winning in 1981, 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2006 – and the Royal Interact Drama Competitions — winning in 2006.

Once again, young dramatists will step into the spotlight to bring to the public ‘A CHRISTMAS WISH’.


“Silent Hands Productions”

Silent Hands started off as group of theatre lovers working backstage providing their services to other directors who needed services such as stage management lighting and sound management. Two of the core members Neidra Williams and Jehan Bastians regularly direct St. Peters College for the annual Shakespeare drama competition and have two runners up awards and two wins in the last 6 years. They also directed St Bridget’s Convent in their inaugural stint in 2008 to their first Shakespeare win in over 12 years.

The first full length production undertaken by Silent Hands was William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in 2003 followed by an original work “The Legend of Excalibur” in 2004, “Yes Hon. Minister” in 2007, “Tom, Dick & Harry” in 2008, “Boeing Boeing” in 2009 ‘Move over Mrs. Markham” also in 2009. In 2010, Silent Hands got together with St. Peter’s College to bring to the life the ever popular and legendary classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ to the theatre going audiences of Colombo with well published success.  The group is best known for its own magical genre of theatre which was brought out in the first two productions and also for its genre of comedy which brought tons of laughter through the last number of productions.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream featured Jerome De Silva together with Neidra Williams, Charith De Silva, Mario De Soysa who are regular members of the team. ‘The Legend of Excalibur” showcased Mohammed Adamaly as the legendary King Arthur once again supported by Neidra, Charith, and Mario.

The third production came after a two year break from “The Legend of Excalibur” staged in June 2004. The core team that handled the previous production re-united to produce “Yes! Hon. Minister” which was a huge hit with theatre going public in Colombo when it first went on the boards.

Fresh on the success of “Yes Hon. Minister” came the Kerwood family saga “Tom Dick & Harry”. This again proved to be a tremendous success which resulted in an encore being staged six months later.

Our next production ‘Boeing Boeing” which featured a mix of Silent Hands stalwarts and some new talent was one of the most talked of plays in the first quarter of 2009.

“Move over Mrs. Markham” featured Jerome De Silva as Alistair Spenlow in which he brought out his best yet and showcased his living legend status after 40 years of being on stage.

‘A Christmas Carol’ was the biggest ever production produced by Silent Hands in all forms and along with present and old boys of St. Peter’s College and female guest actors brought to life the legendary children’s classic by Charles Dickens.

2011 saw us perform “Leading Ladies” a hilarious comedy this time by Ken Ludwig an American play-write whose work we ‘re-fashioned” by us to bring it a local or Sri Lankan flavor.

2012 was an year of repeats with not one but two repeats of “Yes, Hon Minister” to very appreciative audiences.

The Directors

Neidra Williams – Neidra is a voicing artist and compere by profession and has been involved in theatre for over 15 years acting in over 25 productions. Neidra has been a regular with the Performing Arts Company (PAC) headed by Nafeesa and Mohomed Adamally. Neidra was also part of the cast of “Cats”, “South Pacific” and “Sound of Music” having worked with several directors including Jerome De Silva, Nafeesa & Mohomed Adamally, Jith Peiris, and Ruana Rajapakse. She has co-directed several productions with Jehan including two winning entries in the Annual Interschool Shakespeare competition in 1999 and 2006 and of course the four productions previously staged by Silent Hands.

Jehan Bastians – Jehan was introduced to theatre by Jerome De Silva and played the lead role in the first ever production of the Workshop Players “Lost in the Stars”; Since then Jehan has been involved in several productions with Stage Light & Magic, Jith Peiris and Tracy Holsingher and has recently been cast in several plays written and produced by Indu Dharmasena. Jehan has been directing St Peters College since 1999 and in 2006 directed St. Peters to victory at the Royal Interact Drama Competition and at the Shakespeare Competition. In 2008, he was approached by St Bridget’s Convent and he was able to guide them to their first Inter School Shakespeare Drama Competition victory in over 12 years.


Production Officials


Rev. Fr. Travis Gabriel

Priest-In-Charge of ELDS

Rev. Fr. Vincent Ashley


Mr. Jehan Bastians

Mrs. Neidra Williams-Bastians


Mr. Javin Thomas

Mr. Billam Poulier

Choral Director

Miss. Dmitri Gunetilake


Miss. Roshni Gunaratne

Drama moderator – SPC

Miss. Imojen Mel

ELDS President

Messr. Shayen Yatagama

ELDS Vice Presidents

Messr. N. Ragularuban
Messr. Eshan Denipitiya


Contact Details


Mr.Roshan Silva (Parent Committee)



Mr. Jehan Bastians


Mr.Javin Thomas


Messr.Shayen Yatagama






Messr. Eshan Denipitiya




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