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JPAA Canada donates over Million Rupees to Alma Mater – SJC & SPC

Posted on 04 October 2017 by admin

NEWS RELEASE No: 2017-1001






Toronto, Canada – October 1, 2017.

The Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada (JPAA Canada) was formed in 1984, and prides itself as the first Sri Lankan Schools Alumni Association to be formed in Canada. JPAA Canada is also the only joint association in the world for the Joes & Peterites. It is headquartered in Toronto. Next year the association reaches its 35th year of serving the alumni of the two Catholic Schools – St. Joseph’s College & St. Peter’s College.

Download pdf version JPAA NEWS RELEASE 2017

Donations to the two schools

Over the years, JPAA has donated funds to the two schools for infrastructure work that is needed to maintain old buildings or to build new structures. The donations have been regular and has helped the two schools defray expenses for these projects. It goes on record that the largest donation made to the two schools was this year (2017).

  • A sum of CAN $5,713.20 was sent in August to Rev. Fr. Travis Gabriel – Rector, St. Joseph’s College for the reovation of the College Chapel that is close to 90-years old. On March 19, 1929, the foundation stone for the College Chapel was laid by the Arcbishop of Colombo. The College Chapel is a fitting memorial to Rev. Fr. Maurice Legoc – 4th Rector of SJC. According to Fr. Travis Gabriel, the renovation of the college chapel is his #1 priority project;


  • A sum of CAN $5,713.20 was sent in August to Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin – Rector, St. Peter’s College towards expenses related to the construction of a new Rugby Pavilion. The foundation stone was laid in August and expected completion date is September 2018. The proposed Rugby Pavilion will be state-of-the-art and plans to house visiting teams and have a multitude of uses. Fr. Trevor Martin considers this as his #1 priority project.

JPAA Canada was formed primarily to create a forum for the Josephian and Peterite alumni domiciled in Canada. Once this was done, the next major objective was to assist the two alma mater on an ongoing basis. We are proud to record that this has been achieved without reservation. We pledge our continued support and assistance from Canada to the two schools that is amply demonstrated by our mission and vision!




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