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The Josephian team of 1969 had something unique

Posted on 03 January 2017 by admin

Courtesy: Sunday Times 27 Feb.11


Cricket by it’s very mean is a reflective game, a game which above all things lends itself to write in the lovely flexible English; which we have inherited from our ancestors, conquerors and colonial rulers. "The game is the thing"……….."It matters not who wins or loses"…… "Play the game" .These can sound empty words in the context of the big matches of today where drawn games the curse of modern cricket seems the order of the day.

Apart from above; in cricket today there is still a need of personalities. As we had of old, not only for the good of the game but for the inspiration and enthusiasm they engender in the younger generations that are to follow.

The time is ripe for the Battle of the Blues, Battle of the Saints and for so many traditional encounters. Therefore every cricket fan or an enthusiast would love to whisper and discuss of the heroics and the thrills that they have experienced throughout the ages of this healthy rivalry amongst the schools.

The "Team '69" of St. Joseph’s College Colombo had something unique that year; since they fielded a well balanced outfit. The Darley Road School was led by that dashing, exciting bat Brian Obeyesekere and was under the watchful eyes of former all Ceylon all-rounder Fairlie Dalpethado. They played 12 matches and won four.

In the 35th Battle of the saint’s encounter which took place at Sara stadium was evenly balanced since the Peterites too fielded a formidable outfit led by all-rounder Denham Juriansz. The match ended in a draw where both teams shared the honours. Brian Obeyesekere, Star left hand-bat Lalith De S. Wijayaratne. Hard hitting Srilal Samarasekera stole the lime light in batting for the Joes while skipper Juriansz, Dyan Madawala and former Sri Lanka Star bat Roy Dias excelled for St. Peter’s with the bat.

In bowling ; Arthur Hakel the Josephian firebrand (Who was one of the fastest amongst the schools at that time) and Wendel Kelaart were very economical and disturbed the opposition. For St. Peter's Skipper Juriansz and Madawala were the pick of the bowlers. The season had the curtains with Elegant Lefthander of St. Joseph's Lalith De S. Wijayaratne being adjudged as the “Schoolboy Cricketer of the Year."

People of the caliber of Obeyesekere, Hakel, Samarasekera , Johnpillai and Gihan Dalpethado who not only excelled in cricket but were allround sportsmen by taking part in Soccer, Rugby-football, Athletics and Swimming. To date these great men serve their Alma mater with love and dedication in advisory capacity.

Their fervent hope is that the Josephian team would be victorious in the forthcoming 77th Battle of the Saints encounter Against St Peter's.

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