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Website traffic increases dramatically

Posted on 05 November 2017 by admin

  As the owner/admin of this website, we are encouraged to see the dramatic increase of website traffic on our site. Since July of this year, there has been a steady increase and highest on record is 467 visitors on August 16, 2017. Today (Sunday) by 1:00 pm Toronto time, there have been 142 visitors. With this increase, we will be going commercial starting January 1, 2018. Rates for advertising will be posted by November 30th. Our design team will prepare the advertisement for you using state-of-the art graphics software. We hope to use our expertise and reach out to help you promote your products and services to the world. We are on our way to making this a global site that will add value to advertising.

The Joe-Pete website posts historical information, events, profiles of alumni who have gone through the hallowed hallways of St. Joseph's College and St. Peter's College in Colombo. Our site is not affiliated to any organizations but owned and operated by a passionate alumnus of St. Peter's College, Colombo resident in Toronto, Canada – Upali Obeyesekere. He has a network of friends from the Josephian and Peterite fraternity who provides current news and events at both schools in Colombo in addition to other countries.

We believe that history – both knowledge of the past and the practice of researching and making sense of what happened in the past – is crucially important to the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the future all countries.

Our mission is to endorse, share, and use the below statement on the value of history in contemporary life. With common agreement, commitment, and open conversation about why history is important, we believe the historical community can change the common perception that history is nice, but not essential.

Endorsing this statement in principle is an initial step. We encourage you to adapt and incorporate these ideas into projects, training materials, mission statements, websites, marketing materials, and other institutional outlets. The seven core values are not new, but we believe that their articulation with the intent to make real, measurable change across the profession and into public realms represents a fresh start for our discipline. 


IDENTITY » History nurtures personal identity in an intercultural world.  History enables people to discover their own place in the stories of their families, communities, and nation. They learn the stories of the many individuals and groups that have come before them and shaped the world in which they live. There are stories of freedom and equality, injustice and struggle, loss and achievement, and courage and triumph. Through these varied stories, they create systems of personal values that guide their approach to life and relationships with others. 

CRITICAL SKILLS » History teaches critical 21st century skills and independent thinking. The practice of history teaches research, judgment of the accuracy and reliability of sources, validation of facts, awareness of multiple perspectives and biases, analysis of conflicting evidence, sequencing to discern causes, synthesis to present a coherent interpretation, clear and persuasive written and oral communication, and other skills that have been identified as critical to a successful and productive life in the 21st century. 

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