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Tribute to former Josephian Rugby Captain Michael Perera

Posted on 13 June 2016 by admin

Death of former Josephian rugby skipper Michael Perera






On the 9th of June at about 7pm SL time I received a facebook messenger text informing that my former skipper Michael Perera had breathed his last. Unable to believe I replied asking for verification. The response was that Michael had indeed passed away. Though having not met him for about 15 years – we realized just how people can leave an indelible mark or impact on our lives as was in Michael’s case.

Michael hailed from a sporting family which included his mom Lorraine who was an All-Ceylon athletics champ, uncle’s Jeff and Dan Rutnam famous rugby players and his younger brother Lalith – who was a master of many sports but a king at ‘rugby’. His dad, late Merril was a regular visitor to the college grounds, giving his sons the much needed support and advice. He never missed a match to support St Joseph’s. What a pedigree!

It was Michael who set the tone in sports at St Joseph’s representing the school at rugby, cricket and athletics. He was seen many times dribbling the basketball too. What set him apart more than his sporting abilities were the lines upon his face from a lifetime of smiles. Michael smiled even when the opposition teams were thrashing us. Coach Ronald Rodrigo was amused at this trait. He shone at rugby though.

We seem to recall that it was he who side-stepped, dummied, chip kicked way before his famous brother Lalith who drew inspiration from Michael.

Michael was appointed captain in 1985, what a fine fly half he was. A few of us had the privilege to play alongside him that year. I would get a pat on the back if ever I missed a tackle.

Michael leaves behind his beloved wife Cindy who celebrated marriage bliss with him for over 25 years, loving children daughter Shenolene, sons Marc and Matthew, loving mom Lorraine, loving brother Lalith, loving father-in-law and mother-in-law Winston and Eva, loving sister-in-law Vanessa and brother-in-law Steve and loving nephews Nathan and Stefan.

Michael was the world to everyone here mentioned but we cannot begin to comprehend the pain Cindy and aunty Lorraine have to endure. To most of us death is difficult! The Lord describes death as an enemy that will one day be defeated. Then we can all proclaim ‘oh death where is thy sting?’ 1 Corinthian 15:55 till then, Michael rest easy …DDS











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