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Peterite Rugby Team 2014


Peterites excelled in rugby: List of Rugby Captains from 1932-2014

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Peterite Rugby Team 2014OBU St. Peters College, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka


 2014 – Senal Aponso

2013 – Shan Weerakkody (all island 7s winners)
 2012 – Danushka Ranjan (a current Sri Lanka cap)
 2011 – Banuka Nanauakkara (all island Western Province 7s winners)
 2010 – Keith Gurusinghe – (unbeaten triple Champions – 7s, league and knockout champions)
 2009 – Dilshan Paul (Carlton 7s Winners)
 2008 – Poornaka Delpachitra (President’s Trophy winners)
 2007 – Ranuka Jayasinghe (official unbeaten Champions)
 2006 – Harendra Ariyawardena (official Schools’ A Division and knockout champions)
 2005 – Sajith Adikari
 2004 – Mohamed Rinaz
 2003 -Rumaiz Ishaq
 2002 – Dilanka Wijesekera (official Schools’ A Division rugby champions)
 2001 – Dilan Abeygooneardena (Singer 7s winners)
 2000 – Gladwin Georgesz
 1999 -Gavin Ludowyke
 1998 – Rajeev Perera
 1997 – Achala Silva
 1996 – Kirk Williams
 1995 – Sanjeewa Abeygoonawardena (won the Premadasa trophy for the 1st time)
 1994 – Roshara Alles
 1993 – Leonard De Zilva
 1992 – R D Fredricks
 1991 – Manoj Bakshani
 1990 – Harendra Wijesena
 1989 – Colin Denish Peter
 1988 – Shadwell De Silva
 1987 – Rohan Ekanayake
 1986 – Rowen Gunasekera
 1985 – Rajith Abeygoonawardena (beat Trinity after 44 long years)
 1984 – Viraj Fernando
 1983 – Prasanna Wimalasena
 1982 – Rohan Paulus
 1981 – Keith Nugegoda
 1980 – Ainsley F Baldsing
 1979 – Hussain Didi
 1978 – Jeremy Gomez
 1977 – Angelo Wickremaratne
 1976 – Roshan Deen
 1975 – Frank Hubert
 1974 – Nimal Jayasuriya
 1973 – Rohan Wiratunga (unofficial rugby champions)
 1972 – Jeffery de Jong (unofficial rugby champions)
 1971 – Jizwi Nizar
 1970 – Hamish Patternott (also captained cricket)
 1969 – Sunil Perera (son of Archibald Perera)
 1968 – Ronnie Gunaratne
 1967 – Rodney Patternott
 1966 – Hamzi Hameed (unofficial rugby champions)
 1965 – Darrel Wimalaratne (unofficial rugby champions. Wimalaratne also captained cricket in 1966 and was a Ceylon cap)
 1964 – Rohan Abeysundera
 1963 – Stephen Alagaratnam
 1962 – Jeyer Rodriguesz
 1961 – Didacus de Almeida
 1960 – Tony Johnson
 1959 – Adiel Anghie (Anghie also captained cricket in 1961)
 1958 – M Salih
 1957 – Jayantha Fernando (Fernando was also the cricket captain in the year)
 1956 – Lakshman Serasinghe
 1955 – Desmond Ephraims
 1854 – G Tharmaratnam
 1953 – Terry Williams
 1952 – G Garnier
 1951 – Ago Paiva
 1950 – A W H Perera (Perera was Sri Lanka Navy Commander – 1979-1983)
 1949 – Ken Ariyaraja
 1948 – Harold de Silva
 1942 – 1947 – No rugger due to World War II
 1941 – W A Chandrasena
 1940 – Kenneth Silva (schools’ rugby champions for the year)
 1939 – Vernon Peiris (schools’ rugby champions for the year)
 1938 – Percy Perera (invincible rugby champions. Percy Perera also captained the cricket team in 1938)
 1937 – Percy Perera (schools’ rugby champions for the year)
 1936 – Archibald Perera (invincible rugby champions for the first time and he was one among the few Ceylonese to represent All Ceylon. He was subsequently a legendary coach from 1956 to 1982)
 1935 – Fred Kellar (beat Trinity for the 1st time and declared joint champions with Trinity)
 1934 – Shirley de S Illesinghe (Peterites record their first ever win. Against Royal – 5-0. Illesinghe was also the cricket captain in 1934 & 1935)
 1933 – J E F Pereira
 1932 – Lim Bilimoria

Peterite Rugby lineage is rich with talent together with the true spirit of the game and it is with no doubt the Blue, White and Gold Brigade have made up their name as consistent performers of the game through-out the history of eighty two years.

History of the Game at St. Peter`s College.

Having the privilege of being the fourth institution to introduce the oval shaped ball game to the island, Enthusiastic young Rugby hopefuls of St. Peter’s College donned the now glorious College Colours of Blue, White and Gold for the first time, in 1932 under the Rectorship of Rev. Fr. D.J Nicholas Perera. The brilliant Rugby player and sportsman, Mr. Herbert Wittahatchy took over the fortunes of Peterite Rugby in the same year, as Prefect of Games. No one dreamed that a glorious history was about to be created.

Brilliantly moulding a team of fresher’s together with Lim Billimoria, the first Peterite Rugby captain: St. Peter’s entered the then Ceylon Schools Rugby arena with its inaugural 1st XV in the same year -1932.  St. Peter`s College became the fourth school in history of Sri Lankan Rugby to play at competitive level.

St. Peter’s College has produced many brilliant rugby players in her 82 year old Rugby history feeding National teams with high quality players both with skills and discipline coming out of its system in every decade. Peterite rugby players have found favor with many leading Rugby Clubs and are always in great demand due to this since even pre- independence days during which British expatriates dominated the game.

Many Peterites have featured prominently in All Ceylon, Ceylonese or Sri Lankan XV’s or even at 7’s. They’ve brought much honour and glory to St. Peter’s College, its rugby and its fervent followers when ever they’ve donned the Blue White and Gold jersey or the national jersey against visiting teams or playing on foreign soil.

In the last decade, players like Dilanka Wijesekera who was the youngest school boy player to represent both national 7s and 15s side, Dilan Abeygoonawardena, Poornaka Delpachithra, Mohamed Sheriff, Rajiv Perera, Ishan Noor, Keith Gurusinghe, Suhiru Anthony, Sandun Hearth, Dhanushka Ranjan, Shenal Dias have proved that St. Peter`s Rugby has always understood it`s National duty and have performed it well.

Last Season

In 2013, the Peterite Brigade was led by the Fly-Half Shan Weerakody. Werakkody as the skipper led the side in to a glorious position during the last season. Emerging as the champions of the School Rugby Seven`s tournament helped them to start of the season in grand style. However, during the season St. Peter`s had a bumpy ride winning 5 matches by even beating the President’s trophy champions Wesley College and suffered 4 defeats. However the Blue, White and Gold brigade concluded the season in third place.   

Pre- Season

The lads from the Bambalapitiya began their pre-season practice sessions in the month of October 2013. Under the instructions of the trainer Niroshan Benedict, the boys were put through their paces in the criteria of pres season training and fitness which is an essential factor of the game before they stepped in to ground training.

St. Peter`s reached the cup semi-finals in the recently concluded School Rugby Sevens championship which gave them enough motivation to begin the season and convert it to a victorious one.

Peterite Rugby Administration

Powered by the Old Peterites, the Administration staff is rendering it`s best to the boys to perform and prove the legacy. Old Peterite Collin Dinesh has taken over the responsibility as the coach for the 2014 season as well. This gentleman needs no introduction to the Sri Lankan Rugby arena. Having coached the Colombo School`s side in the Year 2013, he holds immense experience within him to lead the boys to a victorious season this year.

Together with the Head Coach, Rev. Fr. Lakmin Parasanga the Sports Coordinator of the college and the Rugby Foundation of St. Peter`s College under the leadership of the Nigel Forbes, are right in to the boys providing them with facilities and enough encouragement to make this season a season to remember.

Team Manager Mahesh De Sliva and the trainer Niroshan Benedict fills up the rest to create the back bone of the Peterite Rugby.

Kevin Dixon the Peterite Driving Force

Third year player and with one more year in hand Kevin Dixon is without doubt one player that each opponent has to worry about. Playing under the leadership of Dhanushka Ranjan and Shan Weerakody in the previous  years, he holds the biggest bag of experience with in the team. Playing in his new position as the center he is a ferocious player with one goal in mind; which is to score the try and to make the team victorious. Dixon`s knowledge that he carries within himself about the game provides the force to display his ball and foot skills which he will use to create gaps in the opponents line and to break down the opposition defence to touch the ball on the grass and make it count.  Everyone will be placing their eyes on this young talent which is blooming up with and he will be tested in this season.

Nishon Perera : Vice Captain at his best.

Second year player and with one more year in hand the Vice-Captain for this season is lending his supporting hand to the skipper to martial the troops well. Playing in the position of Flanker, Perera is an impact player who is fearless in tackling the opponent at any time. Ending up the last season in a respectable manner he walks out with immense ball skills which could be used to score at any given time in an open gap. His experience will help the Bambalapitiya boys to win games and win respectably.

Shamri Bura : The boy with Rugby in his Blood.

Son of late Mr. Fazal Bura who is the former prop forward of CH&FC, he was born and bought up with rugby in his blood. He is one of the most important assets that St. Peter`s College holds for the season. Playing in the position of Fly-Half his ball handling skills will be tested this season as he is an expert in it. The team highly depends on his decision making skills which is considered a talent which will be the main factor of set play for the Peterite Lads.


St. Peter`s College with a history of 92 years and a Rugby History of 82 years have always been a side which every opponent has to worry about. With their consistent performance through-out the history they have proved that the Blue, White and Gold brigade is always good at come backs and arising from the dead. Concluding the last year`s season in the third place and this year under the captaincy of Senal Aponso the Peterites will set foot on lawn to bring glory to their game which they describe as their passion and their life. Their conquest this year would start from one of the heavy weights in the tourney, Kingswood College, Kandy as they would play their first game on the20nd of March.

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