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St. Peter’s College Old Boys’ Union AGM on June 29, 2014

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Notice of Annual General Meeting.

Notice is hereby giventhat the 86th Annual General Meeting of the St.Peter’s College Old Boys' Union will be held on Sunday, 29th June, 2014, at the D.J.Nicholas Perera Hall, St. Peter’s College, Colombo 04,



                                      08.15 hrs – Holy Mass

                                      09.15 hrs – Rector’s Breakfast

                                      10.30 hrs – Annual General Meeting


Any resolutions to be moved at the AGM should be sent to the Hony. General Secretary, to reach him on or before 31st May 2014.



By Order of the

Committee of Management


                                                         Fabian Angunawela – Hony. General Secretary

                                                                   Annual Report

                  The Annual Report can be viewed online from the 21st of June 2014    


                           * The Annual Report will not be posted to members this year as well and

                     will be available only at the entrance to the College hall on the day of the AGM.

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School Rugby: Peterites beat Antonians 32-17 in Kandy

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Kandy was overcast and gloomy and it looked as if the weather gods knew that the Kandy lads were in for a torrid time. Though the Petes proved that they were in Kandy to win it must be said that if they expected the Anthonians to give in meekly that was not to be.

This being a trophy game, the Rector's Trophy on offer in revered memory of Fr. Joe Wickremasinghe of St. Peter's and Fr. Aiden de Silva of St. Anthony's, the preliminaries of introduction of teams and singing of the anthems of the two schools took place before the teams ran in for play.
With the kick off by Burah, it was clear that the Peterites meant to attack and in the first 10 minutes had much of the territorial advantage. They did earn due reward when the Anthonians were penalised mid left and Shamri Burah duly obliged to give the Peterites the lead, 3 – 0. He repeated this in the next 5 minutes from almost the same spot to increase the lead to 6 – 0.
Though the Petes kept attacking the Anthonian defence stood resolute and it was in fact the Anthonians who next put points on the board, when in the 33rd minute they worked their three quarter line to good effect for the winger to score far right. A difficult conversion was missed but the Anthonians had narrowed the gap to a mere 1 point. SPC 6 – SACK 5.
Almost on the stroke of half time the Petes who were fighting hard to add to their tally saw their scrum half, Steve Dharmaratne, pick up a loose ball and score by the posts allowing Burah to add the additional points to bring the score to 13 – 5 in favour of the Peterites.
The turn around saw the Anthonians play with renewed confidence and their plan succeeded when a superb three quarter move resulted in their winger collecting a grubber and scoring mid right, The conversion was successful and the score read 13 – 12 in favour of the Petes. The Peterites replied this with two tries from their wing forward Nishon Perera and wing three quarter Sandesh Fernando of which the former was goaled by Burah to bring the score to 25 – 12.
Both sides engaged in some foul play and the referee had no option but to sin bin a player from each side and award many penalties though most were out of kicking range.
Around the 35th minute in the 2nd half the Peterite captain, Shenal Aponso made his presence felt when he planted his first try mid left for Burah to add the extra points and bring the score to 32 – 12.
On the stroke of full time, the never say die Anthonians squeezed through the Peterite defence to score under the posts to bring the final tally to 32 – 17 to give the Peterites the win and the Rector's trophy.
Mr. Frediie refereed.
The junior game results were as follows:
Under 12 – SPC won 26 – 12
Under 16 – Tied nil all
Under 18 – Tied 7 all and retained the Darrel Wimalaratne Trophy.
Photos will be published later.
Algi Wijewickrema

Hony. Editor (SPC – OBU)

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Pre 70s Logo


NOTICE OF AGM – The Old Peterites Group of Pre 1970

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Pre 70s Logo








Notice is hereby given that the 7th Annual General Meeting of The Old Peterites’ Group of Pre 1970, will be held on Friday 30th May 2014 at 6.30 p.m. in the Conference Room, 1st Floor of Old Boy’s Union Secretariat, St. Peter’s College, Grounds – entrance through Duplication Road.



1. Read Notice convening Meeting

2. Opening Prayer

3. Memoriam – 2 minutes silence to be observed in memory of Old Peterites who have passed away since the last Annual General Meeting.

4. Excuses

5. Adoption of Minutes of 6th AGM

6. Adoption of Annual Report *

7. Adoption of Statement of Accounts year 2013/2014 *

8. Address by the Patron

9. Address by President of The Old Peterites’ Group of Pre 1970

10. Resolutions, if any.

11. Election of Office Bearers:-

– President

– Senior Vice-President – 1 Post

– Vice-President – 1 Post

– Hony. General Secretary

– Hony. Assistant Secretary

– Hony. Treasurer

– Hony. Assistant Treasurer

– Committee Members – 8 (eight)

12. Election of Hony. Auditor

13. College Anthem


* The Annual Report and the Audited Accounts will be circulated at the AGM, if not circulated prior to the AGM


Resolutions if any, should be signed by a Proposer and Seconder and sent at least 10 days before the day of the AGM, addressed to the Hony. General Secretary.


By order of the General Committee 2013/2014




Stanley Lumanauw

Hony. General Secretary


2nd May, 2014

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St. Joseph’s College team of 1969 had something unique

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Cricket by it’s very name is a reflective game, a game which above all things lends itself to write in the lovely flexible English; which we have inherited from our ancestors, conquerors and colonial rulers. "The game is the thing"……….."It matters not who wins or loses"…… "Play the game" . These can sound empty words in the context of the big matches of today where drawn games the curse of modern cricket seems the order of the day. Apart from above; in cricket today there is still a need of personalities. As we had of old, not only for the good of the game but for the inspiration and enthusiasm they engender in the younger generations that are to follow.

The St. Joseph’s College Cricket team of 1969

The time is ripe for the Battle of the Blues, Battle of the Saints and for so many traditional encounters. Therefore every cricket fan or an enthusiast would love to whisper and discuss of the heroics and the thrills that they have experienced throughout the ages of this healthy rivalry amongst the schools.

The "Team '69" of St. Joseph’s College Colombo had something unique that year; since they fielded a well balanced outfit. The Darley Road School was led by that dashing, exciting bat Brian Obeyesekere and was under the watchful eyes of former all Ceylon all-rounder Fairlie Dalpethado. They played 12 matches and won four. In the 35th Battle of the saint’s encounter which took place at Sara stadium was evenly balanced since the Peterites too fielded a formidable outfit led by all-rounder Denham Juriansz. The match ended in a draw where both teams shared the honours.

Brian Obeyesekere, Star left hand-bat Lalith De S. Wijayaratne. Hard hitting Srilal Samarasekera stole the lime light in batting for the Joes while skipper Juriansz, Dyan Madawala and former Sri Lanka Star bat Roy Dias excelled for St. Peter’s with the bat. In bowling ; Arthur Hakel the Josephian firebrand (Who was one of the fastest amongst the schools at that time) and Wendel Kelaart were very economical and disturbed the opposition. For St. Peter's Skipper Juriansz and Madawala were the pick of the bowlers.

The season had the curtains with Elegant Lefthander of St. Joseph's Lalith De S. Wijayaratne being adjudged as the “Schoolboy Cricketer of the Year." People of the caliber of ObeyeSJC 1961sekere , Hakel, Samarasekera , Johnpillai and Gihan Dalpethado who not only excelled in cricket but were allround sportsmen by taking part in Soccer, Rugby-football, Athletics and Swimming. To date these great men serve their Alma mater with love and dedication in advisory capacity. Their fervent hope is that the Josephian team would be victorious in the forthcoming 77th Battle of the Saints encounter Against St Peter's.

Josephian cricket team of 1969
Standing (from left): Ajit Johnpulle, Radly de Silva, Dilantha Mendis, Anton Jayawardena, Srilal Samarasekara, Wiji Johnpulle, Wendal Kelart, Gihan Dalpathado, Manik Wijeratne, Arthur Hakel, Nimal Ranchigoda.
Seated (from left): Kevin Perera, Fairlie Dalpathado (coach), Brian Obeyesekere (captain), Fr. WLA Don Peter (rector), Lalith Wijeratne, Angelo Rayer (master in charge), Hector Perera

Josephian team of 1969 reunites after 40 years

Josephian cricket team of 1969
Standing (from left): Ajit Johnpulle, Radly de Silva, Dilantha Mendis, Anton Jayawardena, Srilal Samarasekara, Wiji Johnpulle, Wendal Kelart, Gihan Dalpathado, Manik Wijeratne, Arthur Hakel, Nimal Ranchigoda.
Seated (from left): Kevin Perera, Fairlie Dalpathado (coach), Brian Obeysekera (captain), Fr. WLA Don Peter (rector), Lalith Wijeratne, Angelo Rayer (master in charge), Hector Perera

It was yet another memorable evening on March 4 since the Joe – Pete past cricketers met for their annual cocktails and followed it up with a fellowship dinner held at Elephant Lounge Colombo Hilton.

However the Josephian team of 1969 led by dashing bat Brian Obeyesekere, had something special that evening where all members of that outfit were reunited after nearly four decades. The only missing person was the late Rector Rev. Dr. WLA Don Peter whom we believe would have blessed us from celestial observed Arthur Hakel, the Josephian firebrand and also a fine athlete in his day at college. He also emphasised the fact that former master-in-charge Angelo Rayer was specially flown from Karachi where he is the Dean of Advanced Level section of St. Patrick�s High School, Karachi. With the presence of their illustrious coach former St Joseph�s and All-Ceylon all-rounder Fairlie Dalpathado, Kevin Pereira and Radley de Silva all flying in from Australia the Josephian team of 1969 wouldn�t have found a better occasion than this to re-unite and recap their past glories with great nostalgia.

This annual event was organised to coincide with the Josephian – Peterite 75th (Platinum Jubilee encounter) which took place on March 6 and 7 at the Saravanamuttu Stadium. The match ended in a draw with St Joseph�s taking the major honours. – (SP)

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JPAA Calendar of Events 2014

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JPAA LogoThe Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada (hereinafter called "JPAA Canada") was formed in 1984, and will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Besides the regular sports and social events the association engages in, a few special events will be staged to mark the milestone of reaching 30 years as a joint organization for the Josephians and Peterites in Canada. Several prominent old boys are expected to attend from Sri Lanka, England, USA and Australia. JPAA Canada prides itself as the first Sri Lankan School Alumni Association to be formed in Canada.

Following is a calendar of events:

  • March 30, 2014 (Sunday) – 2014 Annual General Meeting at Radisson Hotel Toronto East
  • June 14, 2014 (Saturday) – 5th Saints Quadrangular Cricket Tournament at Ajax Grounds
  • June 28, 2014 (Saturday) – Fellowship Evening & Celebratory Event (Venue TBA)
  • July 1, 2014 (Tuesday) Canada Day – 30th Joe-Pete Cricket Match a.k.a. Battle of the Saints
  • August/September – Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Tournament
  • October 4, 2014 (Saturday) – Annual Dinner Dance 2014 (Venue TBA)
  • November 15, 2014 – 30th Anniversary Recognition Dinner (Venue TBA)

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St. Peter’s College OBU holds AGM on June 29th

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SPC LOGO NEWSt. Peter's College Old Boys' Union (hereinafter called "SPC-OBU") is an active body of old boys of the college who devote their personal time for the betterment of the school. The OBU has always played a pro-active role in bringing the alumni together by organizing many social and sports events. The calibre of the executive has been top class and this certainly contributes to the effectiveness of the OBU. With the concurrence of the parent OBU and with its blessings, there are other sub-groups that have formed such as batch groups and the pre-seventies group. These sub-groups all function under the aegis of the SPC-OBU.
Given below are important dates for the Annual General Meetings of each separate entity.
30th May – AGM of Pre 70’s Batch/Group
30th May – AGM of 87-92 Batch/Group

6th June 2014 – AGM/Fellowship 1995-2000 Batch/Group
17th June 2014 – AGM of 83-86 Batch/Group
29th June 2014 – Annual General Meeting of the Old Boys' Union of St. Peter's College

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Funeral services for Devane Perera (1942-2014)

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ObituariesPERERA, Devane

September 17, 1942 – May 4, 2014

Peacefully on Sunday May 4, 2014, in his 72nd year, with his family at his side.

Beloved husband of Jeevani. Loving father of Shiyamila “Sham” and her husband Amal Pregasem, Dinesh Perera and his wife Yamindra Watson, Jehan Perera and his fiancé Sutha Murugeswaran, and Natasha Perera.

Proud grandfather of Sheniah, Aidan, and Kieran Perera, and Thushi Murugeswaran.

The family will receive friends at the McEACHNIE FUNERAL HOME, 28 Old Kingston Road, Pickering Village (Ajax) 905-428-8488 on Thursday May 8th from 6-9pm.

The Funeral Mass will be celebrated at St. Isaac Jogues Roman Catholic Church, 1148 Finch Avenue, Pickering (west of Liverpool Road), on Friday May 9, 2014 at 10:00am.


DurhamObituaries.comSJC LOGO

Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada offers its deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the family of Devane Perera and wish to share their sorrow at this time of grief.

Devane was a proud Josephian and a member of JPAA Canada and even held office in the executive over a decade back.

RIP Devane!

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Rev. Fr. Lakmin Silva, SPC Sports Coordinator moves as Principal of SPC Udugampola/Gampaha

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Fr. Lakmin Silva who was in charge of the sports activities at St. Peter's as the Sports Coordinator has been transferred to St. Peter's Udugampola/Gampaha as Principal. While congratulating Fr. Lakmin and wishing him all success in his new assignment, we would like to thank him and wish him God's blessing.  Since he will officially remain in the Peterite fold, we are sure that he'll continue to have the Colombo interests at heart while giving his best to the branch. Fr. Chaminda Wanigasena who was at the helm at St. Peter's Udugampola/Gampaha will be going abroad for higher studies.


Algi Wijewickrema – SPC OBU

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