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ANECDOTES: We invite Old boys to share stories of their school days

Posted on 06 November 2013 by admin

AnecdotesWhat is An Anecdote?

Answer – An anecdote is a brief story of something that has happened in our lives, There are funny, interesting, and factual anecdotes, just to name a few.

JPAA Canada website is open to "anecdotes" from Old Boys of both schools – SJC & SPC. The input is subject to review before posting. Please share your life and times in the hallways, corridors and class rooms of two of Sri Lanka's leading Roman Catholic Educational Institutions – St. Joseph's College and St. Peter's College. Most of us have something to share that is funny, interesting, entertaining and even historical. Let's give it a shot and see what we can come up with. In order to get this menu item going, we may invite a few old boys from both schools to send us their stories in the next few weeks. Once they are posted, it is expected others will follow. So, go for it!

Please send your story to JPAA Canada President, Upali Obeyesekere in an e-mail to We will acknowledge your submission within 72-hours. It will be posted within a week of our receiving the e-mail.

Editor's Note: The idea for this came from an old Peterite who has distinguished himself academically and worked in the United Nations Oganization for over 25-years. He lives now in semi-retirement in Toronto, Canada and visits Sri Lanka often. We thank him for his input. 'Nothing ventured – Nothing gained". It is always nostalgic to read about events, people, teachers who meant much to us when we were in school. So let us open the forum, and invite all to contribute. Thanks!

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