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Launch of new website for JPAA Canada

Posted on 07 October 2013 by admin

WWWJPAA Canada launched its new website on Monday, October 7, 2013 – with the domain name We invite you to visit the site, devour the information laid out and send us an e-mail with any comments, constructive feedback, suggestions or remarks.

"This is a dream come true", said JPAA President Upali Obeyesekere. Having worked 17 years for IBM Canada Ltd., he understands the benefits of having a good website. The website will be an online tool to reach out to most Peterites and Josephians in Canada and keep them informed of what has happened, when it will happen so that all are better informed. It will also enhance communications within the membership and also reach out to the alumni of St. Joseph's College and St. Peter's College throughout the world. It crosses the bid divide and will serve as a communication tool without borders.

It took slightly over six months to plan, design and develop the site. The technical part was done in Colombo, Sri Lanka while the site was updated in Toronto, Canada. The site includes menu items that take the visitor to their Alma Mater, Overseas Associations, Parent Unions in Colombo, Alumni News and the rest is all about the 29-year old Josephian-Peterite Alumni Association of Canada. "We are proud to have been the first in Canada, among Sri Lankan Schools to have formed a joint association in 1984", added the incumbent president who appealed to an old boy (former Josephian Cricketer) who wishes to be anynoymous to obtain part funding for the website. The president funded the balance and today JPAA Canada has a comprehensive website.

Only 25 per cent have so far been posted on the site. The site will cover its history since 1984 to date and try and capture highlights during the last 29-years. From today onwards, all current activity will be covered. The plus factor here is that all the updating is done instantly from Toronto, Canada. "Any pro-active member of JPAA Canada will agree that having a good website is a pre-requisite for an active non-profit corporation. A website is the lifeblood of an organization", concludes President Upali Obeyesekere who burnt the midnight oil many a day to have this up and running sooner than later.

The website is a menu driven site with opportunity for advertising banners in the last extreme right column. At present, interesting information is posted on the graphic icons that lead you to a document or another 3rd party website with news of Josephians and/or Peterites in the world.

JPAA President invites comments on the site from anyone out there who happens to visit the site. Please send all comments, suggestions and feedback to JPAA Canada via email address and we will respond within 24-hours.

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